Three cheers for "Plane Jane" on!


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Mar 19, 2007
Thought I'd share what a great experience I've had with Plane Jane Luxury Boutique on

Recently purchased my purple monster PT from her thru Malleries and found that she was more than accomodating. She had the listing posted on ebay for an insanely high price, and I emailed her with an offer which she said she would be happy to accomodate thru Malleries.

Never heard of it, so I was weary. Did some research on tPF and I guess a few others have had good experience on Malleries since they hold such high standards for their sellers.

About 100+ emails later, discussing payment, shipment, asking for photos/info: the bag was delivered quickly and safely to me.

I feel really good about Janet and I hope some of you gals get the chance to do business with her in the future. :woohoo:

Anyone else do business with Janet before? Share! (frankie!)


Nov 4, 2008
Vancouver area
I bought my first Bbag from her - a tomato first and she was amazing to deal with. I was a first timer so had tons and tons of questions but she was very patient and helpful and also gave me a ton of extra pics. I still check her out to see if she has anything available to purchase.

Highly, highly recommend her, too.


Mar 30, 2009
Bay Area
I recently purchased a Linea Pelle Croco Wallet with her and she sent it extremely quickly! She even wrapped it in tissue paper and a bag- something that not every seller does. She gets a definite A+ from me!


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Jun 6, 2012
I recently purchased a LOUIS VUITTON Monogram Rubis Salina GM Bag 2008 Cruise collection from Janet at Plane Janes. I have been looking for this bag for years and was thrilled to find it :smile:

Janet's pictures were accurate and the bag is in almost perfect condition. I'm sure we are all nervous about buying LV's from anywhere other than the store but when you are trying to find a limited edition I highly recommend using Plane Jane Luxury Boutique on

I received the bag within a few days and took it to my local Louis Vuitton store for authentification (which was verified)!

I'm extremely happy with the bag and would defintely do business with her in the future!



Jun 15, 2009
BC, Canada
Another shoutout for Jane! I've bought most of my LV bags from her..she's got the best pics and provides excellent communication. I've bought bags from her that I did not intend to buy just because she is the seller :biggrin:
Feb 24, 2012
Absolutely agree Janet is fab - I recently bought my first Bal from her - a Giant Slim Hobo and the packaging was beautiful, posted quick, fantastic service & communication and she was quick & happy to provide extra photos I asked for authentication. The hobo is just as beautiful as described - I'm so happy and will def be a return customer. Three cheers for Plane Jane Luxury Boutique on!


Oct 20, 2012
Just updating this thread... I had a vey pleasant and amazing experience with Plane Jane Luxury Boutique thru I'm still waiting for the bag though but the transaction itself was soooo great, she worked with me and communicated with me all though out! She sent additional pics and understood my need for it to get it ******************. Just not cool about a bad review on her when I googled her but all I'm saying is as buyers, we should do our homework too to get the items we are interested in to get it authenticated first ... I don't think she ( Janet Reid) has an ill intention of deceiving her customers. Just sometimes s**t happens and I'm pretty sure sometimes she herself couldn't avoid how sometimes natures play trick on us... Will update the condition of the bag once I received it. she mailed the bag in real time while I was talking to her through email since her FedEx guy was already there..just wow! Highly recommended! Oh I got an LV bag though. :smile:


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Jul 20, 2008
I have to chime in here too. I've been familiar for the past few years of both Malleries as a reputable shopping site and Plane Jane as a reputable seller on ebay, and was very happy when Plane Jane became a seller on Malleries. I bought an LV from her on Malleries via layaway. The transaction was so easy and pleasant. She is so laid back! And I was pleasantly surprised to find the bag was more pristine than described!