Three cats inside Bottega Veneta Boxes

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  1. I can't believe I am going to do this, I feel exposed:Push::s
    I am going to post pix of the PDP cabat
    TDL - you are right about the pdp but not sure about the size ( it looks huge on me)
    You would have guessed all 5 if I was more specific:tup:

    Need your input ...:Push:
  2. for some reason I can't wear the cabat on my shoulder and take pix ( I am camera challenged) but I hope you get the point

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  3. aaa - you should get a cat when the time is right, I always make time to spend with them, I adore them :love:
    LLANeedle -I hope so too

    ssc- PDP is a beautiful cabat very unique, i should have bought the medium size when it was still available
  4. Lilac and tornado medium Cabats
    They are too similar but the leather is different so I am keeping the lilac cabat (at least for now)
    I prefer to keep it rather than regret returning it

    My disappointment with PDP is that the Large size is more casual than the medium - I wanted it to be a dressy cabat :nuts:
    PDP is much nicer IRL

    sammyjoe - after all the previous posts, who is more chatty ??? :lol:;)

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  5. Juda, 5 beautiful purchases! beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful !!!!! (5 exclamation marks as well)

    PDP Large vs Medium - it's a beautiful bag but i see what you mean about the large size looking more casual. is there anyway that you can return the bag to your BV store in Dubai and then request them to bring in the medium size for you? Or perhaps return it and then wait for a medium in another colour, perhaps FW2010? (of course, you can just keep it. it's such an eye catching bag! very special)
  6. Juda--I think you look great carrying the pdp--it is eye catching and beautiful.

    BUT --I am concerned though because you are not loving the size. I understand 100% why you don't want to do returns and don't do them. I am that way too. I don't ever ask for a bag to be sent that I am not almost certain I want. So this same thing has happened to me ocassionally. I get a bag and I think "oh, no".

    You are a great customer for your BV store, and they will certainly understand if you return the bag. Even if they had to transfer it in from another store--that is just good service for a good customer. It is one thing to see it in pictures and another to have it on your arm. Remember that peltro cabat I looked at? I was fairly certain that I was interested in it, but in my hands it was a whole different thing than it was in the pictures.

    There was another bag I ordered from a store last year that I was certain I wanted. It came, and the color was much different than I expected. I didn't want to return it --after all I was the who called the SA, and had him search for it at another store. But I didn't love it and was just trying to talk myself into it. After much internal debate, I ended up returning it. I am so glad I did. I know I would not have grown to love the color and would not have carried the bag.

    And I know you will end up with a credit at the store, but you know that you'll find something else at some point.

    Anyway, just my thoughts!!
  7. Beautiful, gorgeous purchases, Juda! i love them all! Don't send them back ... you'll regret!

    Enjoy and i am sure you will grow to love them more and more each day!
  8. Thank you all for your patience and great advice

    mrsDIY88 - :flowers::flowers::flowers::flowers::flowers: ( and 5 thank you as well)
    The medium is sold out and since the boutique is a Franchise they can only order from the boutiques that the group owns
    Unfortunately, we don't receive many cabats and not all styles
    We are cabat deprived here

    springrabbit -:lol:

    we both have the same buying/shopping behavior
    we don't need anyone to enable us, we are our best enablers (but maybe that's what kroquet wants to believe)
    And we sort buy a lot ;)
  9. Oh Juda!! The PDP is beautiful on you!! In all seriousness, you are every bit as chic as I imagined.

    Maybe the lilac will grow on you, otherwise Ethel will fly over!!!

    You are right, you and Lucy never really need my help.
  10. #85 Jan 31, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2010
    juda i felt the same way when i got the large cabat. i was so i love with the color and texture i didn't notice that it literally weighted a ton. but unlike nappa which folds and drapes vachette is stiffer. so i felt like i looked comical with this giant bag. i got used to it but i always loved the bag. i still admit it was a poor choice for the money it cost but i do love it.

    i guess what i'm saying is to give it some time. from what you have said and what i have read in other forums; dubai is very different shopping than the united states. i can understand your reluctance to return.

    it happens to look great on you. you carry it so well and i think with a little time you'll love it.
  11. Juda your cats are beautiful
    if you are not in love with the size return the bag
    it is not like you only bought one bag from your sa
    the most important thing is that you be happy and if you sa is worth their salt they will gladly take it back knowing you will be back to buy another bag with a good feeling about the service you received from your sa
    it doesn't matter what store they got it from YOU are the most important thing
    that is the luxe experience
    and that is what bv is all about


  12. Juda, I think we are both chatty:nuts: but you actually make more sense than me!!:lol:

    I think you look stunning, love the modelling shot of you with the PDP!!:faint:
    I think you have time to come to the right decision for you, I can tell you, I really really wanted a black bag, I got it but in the wrong hardware, my DH was like but its black!!! I said I wanted different hardware, I made a hard choice and returned it, now I have the right hardware and I am totally happy, please do what is best for you. That aside, you have a fantastic collection and by gum you look fantastic!!!:nuts:
  13. Well, you have to go with your gut feeling. However, I think it looks AMAZING on you. Seeing it makes me want one!!!

    Your little meow meows are just too adorable! I heart kitties!
  14. Juda, I also love the PDP cabat. And see what you mean in respect to size. The large looks FABULOUS on does seem more casual than dressy in the large size. Can you work out the "when will I love to carry" the PDP question? It really is nice. I have a similar issue right now w/ a Bal weekender. It is such a large bag...I need to sort out the handbag vs. tote bag vs. suitcase feel before I figure out if I can/should carry it.
  15. [​IMG]

    juda this is a very dramatic look and i think you can carry it, but what matters most is how you feel about it. i also think the weave makes it less casual. good luck with your decision!