Three cats inside Bottega Veneta Boxes

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  1. :nuts:

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  2. juda- your beautiful cats are so cute in those boxes. was it difficult to get them to stay long enough to take the picture? i find when i want my dog in the picture he isn't interested and when i don't i can't get him out.

    by the way- are those boxes the beginning of a reveal?
  3. It was difficult to get them out of the boxes :lol:
    it is a reveal last reveal ever...
    No more handbags for me ;)
  4. oh juda i can't wait. i know what you mean about the last ever- i am almost there myself.
  5. :popcorn::popcorn::drinks::dothewave: this is going to be good!!!

    I love the cats Juda!
  6. #6 Jan 30, 2010
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    It all started (innocently) with a phone call to the boutique from where I bought my stretch knot
    They didn’t give me the right dustbag and I wanted to check if they have one
    She said that she will send me the dustbag of a small knot with the driver

    (Yes, the driver delivers items here- we are spoiled in this perspective.
    Even bags that they send in consignment are sent with a driver, I didn’t know that until recently.
    How else would sheikhas (princesses) buy???)

    I wanted to know why I didn’t see that knot before...
  7. The cats are cute!
    I am guessing at least one cabat and one veneta (maybe a croc?!)
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    She explained to me that since they sold most handbags and the other boutique can’t move its stock, they transferred some items to their boutique
    A knot worthy occasion is also jewellery worthy – so I have to cover both hardware colors, right???
    So I bought the knot …
    I should have stopped here but common sense didn’t prevail this time

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  9. Gorgeous clutch! Your cats are adorable! Congrats!
  10. that knot is just beautiful. i like the driver delivery- beats waiting for ups of fedex-
  11. Oooh! It's gorgeous! Congratulations!
  12. I asked her what other items they received and..

    To cut a very long story short
    I ended up with a medium truffle Veneta (I was heartbroken when they only received it in Maxi, the size is too big on me)
    And an elephant Sloane (Although I am not a big fan of the Sloane but I was upset when this particular Sloane was sold out)
    A knot, a medium Veneta and a Sloane are not a lot (after all they are very hard to find)
    But that’s when things turned ugly….

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  13. Gasp! More gorgeous bags! In all the lovely styles.... I'm glad I'm here for this "live" reveal!
  14. They also had a small cabat in purple and a large in PDP
    I assumed it was a mini cabat in Orchid (they used to carry mini cabats in Dubai long time ago but they were not very popular so they stopped getting them)
    She is not my SA and apparently not very knowledgeable with BV sizes and colors
    Out of curiously and plain stupidity I asked her to send me a photo
  15. Oh my... do I sense a Cabat reveal, too? :nuts: