Three bags in one


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Jun 29, 2020
My first post (hopefully not the last one - so be kind):

In these times city trips are very ambivalent. Flight and hotel prices are as low as in February, the tourist hotspots are empty. However, there are still warnings against unnecessary travel. Can/may/should one do this to oneself?
After 10 days of hiking in the Austrian mountains, there was the need for a more cosmopolitan mundanity.
Ladurée, Angelina, Rue de St. Honore, etc. Spontaneously visit to the Louvre without waiting time, no reservations in the restaurants, empty hotels. Fantastic. But also strange. Several places are closed, 50% of the people on the street wear masks. Paris definitely looks different than in autumn 2019.
But this forum is all about Goyard. So - at the "Maison": No lines at the main store. Six sales associates waiting to serve the client.

I was looking for a light bag for city trips, to carry things like travel guide, umbrella, water bottle and sometimes an iPad and other small stuff (like the bribery biscuits for the complaining infants):

A man's clutch? :confused1:

You may do that, but it's actually a backpack and it's called - as you all probably know: "Saint-Leger":

As the accompanying "government" was of the opinion that the thin leather straps were a bit feminine after all, the SA came up with the idea of an additional strap (since the beginning of August also available in a slightly narrower version than before):

Thus the bag can also be worn as a crossbody bag. Depending on your individual perception, you feel either like the postman or a cowboy. Thanks to the handle it can also be used as a briefcase and need not shy away from a business meeting.
All in all, three bags in one. And the Steamer Bag is happy about its little sister, which (when folded) fits perfectly flat on the bottom and hardly wastes any room.

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