three bags and only one will be mine, HELP.

  1. I have three mono bags, pochette, speedy 25 and the BH. I don't wear the BH much i guess the handles are a little too long for me, love the speedy.

    I really want a Damier bag now i'm thinking about:

    Speedy 30, love speedys. I only don't know if the thirty might be really heavy if i cary i bit more then in the 25.
    damier speedy 30.JPG

    Saleya pm/mm, i like this bag but i want to use it as a shoulder bag and i don't know if thats possible. If anybody knows the handle drop, please let me know.

    Papillon 30, i also want to wear it as a shoulder bag but i don't know if it's comfortable to wear. If anybody knows the handle drop, please let me know

    I used the pictures of other TPF members, i hope they don;t mind!
  2. *cough* Get the Saleya MM!!! ;)
  3. i'd say get the Papillon 30 :biggrin:. it's such a cute shape, and it can be both a handheld and shoulder bag :yes:. plus it comes with the little baby Papillon:tender:
  4. Saleya PM.:yes:
  5. I'd get either the saleya or the papillon. I think it depends on what you think will best complement your current staple of bags. If you don't use the BH I would say the Saleya would make a really good replacement - especially if you use anything more rectangular in shape like agendas or notebooks, etc. Otherwise, the papillon is a great shape and it looks wonderful on! Not sure if you were planning on buying instore or online.. but if possible.. going instore to try them out b/c some people can use the papillon 30 on their shoulder no problem, and some people complained about it popping their arm out uncomfortably b/c they were worried about squishing the papillon...
  6. I love Speedys so my vote goes for the Speedy. If you want a shoulder bag though, you'd be better off with the Saleya.
  7. Papillon, that little baby bag is such a great bonus. All three bags are great though. I am no help whatsoever :lol:
  8. Go for the Saleya MM. It seems most people can get the MM on their shoulder, but not the PM. Also, the MM would be closer in size to the BH.
  9. as far as I love speedy, my vote go to Saleya.
    You already have a mono speedy, so you can get something different. As for the Papillon, it's not a comfortable fit as a shoulder bag...
  10. I can get saleya pm on my shoulder and it's pretty comfy....I'm kinda in between papillon and Saleya, I have papillon and love it, I've tried the Saleya on a few times around Non-LV fanantic people and younger SA's and I think they have officially talked me out of (can't repeat their words b/c don't want to sway others, but they are now burned in my mind) it with their reactions that the style doesn't suit me and I think I agree.....
  11. Either the Saleya PM or the Speedy. :yes:
    You can wear the Saleya on your shoulder, but I'm not sure how comfortable it is w/ a winter coat...
    Let us know what you decide!
  12. Depends, are you more of a shoulderbag person or handheld? If it's the latter, I'll say get the speedy, if you're more of a shoulderbag person then get the saleya.

  13. saleya
  14. Ditto!!!:yes:
  15. Saleya ! :yes: