Thredup Luxe - discontinued or paused?


Mar 24, 2011
I like to buy and sell with Thredup Luxe, but it looks like they are either ending, or re-evaluating the program.
Heads up to anybody who sends luxe items to thredup, unless you already have a luxe shipping label, if you send high end items to thredup they will get processed in the same queues as the regular stuff.

What happened to the LUXE Program?

As we work towards processing our broad supplier bags we have paused the LUXE program and are taking this time to reevaluate its benefits. As this program is being reviewed, we will no longer be offering free return assurance or expedited processing, unless opting into these services for an additional fee on our cleanout page.
We highly recommend adding return assurance when ordering your kit to ensure any unaccepted items are returned.
We do still accept all brands, from Gap to Gucci, and everything in between! For reference, please check out our brands acceptance list.
Any brands we accept that are not on this list will be listed as Assorted Brands.