ThredUp Buying Experiences

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  1. I have had the worst customer service experience of my entire life with this website and I want to relate my experience so that everyone can be warned. I was also curious to know if anyone else had a bad buying experience with ThredUp and if they have any advice for me.

    I discovered ThredUp on June 30. Like many purse addicts, i spent hours happily perusing their selection excited about my new customer 40% off coupon and what I could spend it on. I picked out a beautiful sage green studded Cole Haan purse and with my discount it was only going to cost me $43.00. Placed my order, entered credit card info, address correctly and received a congratulatory email from the company soon after. Settled in to wait for my new purse arrival.

    Today I happened to go back into my account so I could check to see when my purse would actually arrive and behold, ThredUp has cancelled my order!! No explanation, no reason, just a refund amount on my account page. Now, I greatly appreciate my refund, but what I really want is the purse that I ordered!! I find it completely outrageous that the company didn't even send me an email explaining why they cancelled my order. I'm assuming my 40% off first time customer discount has vanished along with my purse, but who can tell. ThredUp has no customer service phone number (my new rule is never have anything to do with companies that cannot even give you a phone number to reach them at). I have facebook messaged them, I have direct emailed their customer service email and I have tried to contact them through their website. So far, absolutely no response. Hopefully, by Monday someone will reach out to me and I will be able to post what happened on this thread.

    In the grand sceme of things, my vanished purse is not a great tragedy, but when you purchase a purse online you expect to receive your purse. A gal's got expectations. Has anyone else had this happen to them and if so, what happened? Any advice?
  2. Sorry, can't help from a buyer's perspective but I always ordered bags to send to them and now there is a wait list even to receive a bag. So, I am thinking that they are really backed up and need more people working for them.