Threatened on eBay

  1. Wah! I was just threatened on eBay for being a nosey person.... I emailed a person saying the bag was fake and they should take it down but she went on the offensive started calling me b*tch and whatnot.. then she responded with an email "think your going to regret calling me a liar you sad cow.. bristol is it " The only reason she knows my location is because it was listed, although I have no idea to take it off now... I reported the email but I don't know how to ignore her. I've looked everywhere :confused1:

    Any help? :sad:
  2. (((hugs))) some people are losers!! Just ignore her. Report her listing to eBay.
  3. Thanks :sad: it's what I get for being nosey, I won't do it again. I've reported her listing twice I think, it's already finished though :sad:
  4. how nasty. report her listing as being fake.
  5. I have found that people who list fakes and are called on it are the most obnoxious, because they're scared that someone figured it out. Don't worry too much about it. Just report it.

    Can you email the winning bidder and let her know the item is fake?
  6. It would be interesting to hear if eBay take any action about the seller being threatening to you. I expect they won't though as they are generally useless- though they should do something about it!
  7. don't ever email sellers or buyers about fakes, it's not worth it, and it is actually against ebay policies to interfere in an auction

    just report them and move on
  8. What a horrible experience and so sorry this has happened to you. Somebody tried to e-mail me after I had bought a fake item and they were reprimanded for 'transaction interference'. I guess court811 is right and it pays to just report and then move on. In my case I realised, after it was too late, that the bag I bought was a fake and I should have listened to the person, who warned me off the item. But I did make contact with them in the end and thanked them warmly for trying to help me.
  9. Yeah, I've heard about that so I avoided telling the highest bidder, was a shame though. It was a waste of £250 for a fake Cerises speedy.
  10. Next time, email her a best offer of $15 for her *authentic* bag and tell her it's what owner at the flea market is asking for. ;)
  11. I would report her for being so hostile, but I am not sure what ebay will really do about it.
  12. First off, props to you for reporting a fake. Please let us know if Ebay gives you a satisfactory response.
  13. Report her harrassment to ebay immediately, this kind of threatening behaviour is not acceptable.
    Make sure all correspondence with her is through ebay they will not act on private emails
  14. This person is insane. I can't believe how disrespectful someone can be. Report them to Ebay.
  15. Poor you. I agree this should be reported and I think to answer your question about how to do that you need to go to 'contact us' and then work through the drop down menus - there is, from memory, one that says 'I am being intimidated or threatened by another Ebay member' or something similar. Let us know if you can't find it.