Threatened by buyer

  1. I recently listed and sold a book through eBay. The total costs plus postage only came to £2.49. The buyer took ages to pay, lots of excuses, and then eventually I received a letter containing the payment page but no payment. I emailed her to let her know, and she said she was going to speak to Post Office. I received no further contact so listed as non-paying buyer. She didn't respond to this either. I've just received a nasty email calling me a liar and a thief and threatening that she knows where I live! Whilst she lives the other end of the Country I doubt she will travel all this way for £2.49. However it still unsettled me because of how vicious it was. Do I report it. And if so, how?:confused1:
  2. Sorry it happened to you... Are you sure she's not send you money or money lost by post office?
  3. Yes I'm sure. The envelope was completely sealed, and its only content was the payment page. The buyer was new to eBay and failed to keep in communication with me. She said she was going to speak to the Post Office, but never got back to me about it.
  4. report it...............its Internet harrassment..............who knows how unbalanced she is if she is goin crazy over such a small sum of money, and even if it was a large amount, her behavior is a bit sociopathic and all out of proportion, imo

    best of luck
  5. She sounds like a complete moron! Some people run around with planet with about 2.3 functioning brain cells, I swear. If I were you I'd tell her, "OK, so you know where I live then I guess I'll see you soon. Have a nice day!"

    Sometimes people are so rediculous I wonder how they function on a daily basis.
  6. report it. keep all emails from both parties so you can forward them to eBay.
  7. These sort of people, are what really spoil ebay and leave a bad taste.:sad:

    Its true though she is nuts :nuts: , this is what she said..

    ' I did reply to you, and i told you i m only online occasionally. i sent the letter with payment in it so how did you only receive the letter. you're a liar and a theif. no-one messes with me and gets away with it. I got your addrress, I know where you live you scumbag. I'll see you around.'

    even when copy pasting, no profanity please :yes: - megs
  8. just report the non payment. At the end of the 7 days, or after they respond, you can give them a non-payment strike which hurts worse than a neg.
  9. I've already reported as non paying bidder and she's had her non-payment strike. Which fortunately has mean't that the neg feedback she left has been withdrawn by ebay, and not ruined my 100% positive feedback.
  10. Holy crap! What a nutjob!
  11. Couldn't have said it better myself!!
  12. Wow all that hateful spew over 2.49gbp?:confused1:
  13. Whoa, there are all types of crazy people on ebay. Good luck and hope things get sorted out.
  14. I hope it was a self help book. They seem like they need it.
  15. Psycho springs to mind :wtf: