Threads showing up over again

  1. I have noticed that I will read a thread and it shows up again a few days later.

    Are you allowed to re-post threads? I thought each one had to be FRESH.

    I quess I am a little confused as to how this works.

    :s :confused1: :shrugs:
  2. :S might it be that somebody posted on the thread and so it jumped back to the top of the list?
  3. The sub-forums show thread listings in chronological order, by default sorted by the last comment/post contributed. If a thread gets a new reply after a few days of inactivity, it gets bumped up to the top of the forum thread listing.
  4. Thanks Vlad for explaining this to me, I thought perhaps the threads were being re-posted.

    Thank you so much for this wonderful, fun, and informative web-site.


    P.S. I appologise for posting this question in the wrong place.