Threads Per Page/Comments Per Page

  1. I love to endlessly scroll through threads and comments, however, I would love it if I was able to view more than 40 per page. Is something like that in the works by chance? TIA!
  2. Sorry, but this is not an option. it's in the best interest of the sponsors supporting our forum to have as much exposure as possible.
  3. Aha! Makes sense. Thank you for the quick reply, Vlad!
  4. i never even thought about having more :wtf: but i post on another forum and it's FIVE posts per page :push: now THAT'S annoying :cursing:

    edit: no actually it's FOUR posts per page there, post 5 goes onto the second page :push:
  5. Wow! I had no idea. This is the first forum I've ever belonged to or browsed for that matter... I couldn't imagine looking at 4 posts on a page! We are so well taken care of here... :love:
  6. I no longer can see 40 posts per page. It has defaulted to sytem default and I do not see an option to change it back to 40. Has this been changed???
  7. yeah, it used to be 15, then it got changed to 10... and there was an uproar. then they changed it down to 5 and people went mad. and now it's 4 :push:
  8. So THAT'S what's going on. I thought I was losing my mind.....

    I don't like it either!:blah:

  9. Bumping to see if anyone knows if this is correct.
  10. Bumping again - can anyone confirm we cannot view 40 posts per page???
  11. Bagsnob: I could until a couple of days ago. I think it changed with the last maintenance.
  12. It did get changed at the last maintenance- not sure if Vlad is going to change it back.

    but we will never only have 4 posts per page... PROMISE!!!
  13. Ok thanks!!!!
  14. No worries! We are just playing around with it all, but he may change it again :yes:
  15. *Looks at the date*