Threads coliding in my head: bj in winter, ode to bolide!

  1. I think you know where this is going...I am thinking about buying a blue jean bolide. (Greentea, I know you can completely relate to this! I have read your consideration of what color bolide bag, with much interest.). Here's where I am with this : One is on hold until tomorrow morning (I think), and so I need to decide tonight. I am not sure of how I feel or what to do, and am little confused. I think I like it, but I have fears! Its an expensive bag, and I dont want to make a mistake. I have never had a bag before that wasnt either black or brown before. Plus, I am generally not a "colorful" person. On the other hand, I practically stalk anyone I see carrying a blue jean bag, particularly a blue jean bolide. Not really stalk, I mean, follow a little bit to glimpse the bag. I think what is giving me pause is - First, I dont really need another bag (I already have a black bolide and a gold kelly bag, and am waiting for a black kelly and a black birkin). Second, like everyone else, I fear regret too much. But this cuts both ways. I am not impulsive and tend to mull things over a lot, but the length of time or not that I mull, generally does not improve my decision making quality as far as accessories are concerned. .. While I love black Hermes bags, and certainly hope to buy a couple this year, I am not wild about carrying black bags in the summer. Every year, when the weather gets warm, I seem to crave this particular bag (the mou clemence bolide 31 cm in bj with PH). I know I need to follow my instinct/heart, but why is it so hard to tune in to it? Help!
  2. ahhh, Jedi!
    You really can't go wrong with a BJ Bolide. The ONLY reason I decided to go for Ebene for my Bolide is the fact that all of my Hermes bags are colorful. I need a brown H purse. So, I don't think you should be afraid of color if it's a color you're comfy with. And this is coming from someone who carries around a big Potiron Birkin!
    I say go for it!
  3. I think I'm the opposite of you! :biggrin: I always go for color first, and stay away from black and brown (even though I know I *need* a dark bag at some point!). If you plan on owning that many dark bags, get at least one colored one for summer and pretty much whenever you feel like carrying something bright and cheerful (I carry bright colors all winter long!)

    I think the blue jean bolide is a GREAT choice, hell I wish I could have it! lol :drool: If you are really attracted to it, get it!! Consider how you would feel if you could never get one again; if you feel heart broken, buy it, if you aren't upset by they thought, reconsider ^_^
  4. BJ is a great color! If you are in love with this bag and have been thinking about it for quite a while I'd get it because once spring/summer hits you'll be happy you did! :yes:
  5. Wow! I laugh at the bolide lust that has hit the board lol! Me included in thoughts? You already have and apparently love the it's really more the color that scares you...yet intrigues you at the same time. Go for it! If all else fails and you really can't handle the can be sold to another BJ loving friend somewhere...but you'll never know if you don't try...(how's my enabling going??!!! lol)...I personally love BJ and have also considered this for a future bag as well...and it does sound you have enough "safe" really might enjoy the splash of light that BJ will give you!
  6. I'm going to chime in with my 2 cents worth.......being a neutral-loving girl with a fear of color I can completely relate!!!! I go through the same thing during the warm season....put my black bags away and THEN what do I have!?!?!

    I'll be rolling into this same quandry pretty dang soon AGAIN! But I think I've solved it.....for me, it'll be something toile/leather.....I can't do Blue Jean as I think it's too young a color for me.

    I think if you are passionate about the color as well as the style of bag you should buy it. Blue Jean surprisingly goes with so much!!!! I predict that you'll love love it ALREADY!!!!
  7. At first I thought to say don't do it, but then I read you already have your black/neutral bags covered. This can be your TEST bag when it comes to color and Hermes. You seem to love BJ...I don't think you will regret. This will help you decide if you need color in your wardrobe when it comes to bags. Best of luck!