Feb 20, 2012
I have a screw that fastens the strap on one of my bag that keeps unscrewing. To the point where the strap can fall off (and has!), and I've kept a tiny screwdriver inside the bag and have to screw it in again, every week.

So I suddenly had enough, and remembered this blue or red residue on some screws elsewhere.

It's called threadlocker. Blue is meant to be able to be unscrewed with more force, red is meant to be permanent. Which means even more force to unscrew.

Loctite is the most common brand. But a garage nearby had a generic version and I bought that.

It hardens anaerobically, which means as soon as there's no air. And mine hardened FAST! I didn't get the screw all the way in, so not flush. But it's now stuck.

This is worth having in your tool kit, along with lock grease and other specialist chemical stuff. Or having in your head for when it's suddenly needed, and it should be easy to find locally, even in a one horse town.