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  1. I have a lot of facial hair for a female. Has anyone tried threading before? Does it hurt a lot? Thank you.
  2. Yeah I have. I've done my eyebrows, and my upper lip.

    It doesn't hurt that bad. You might be a little shocked because its something you haven't felt before, but once you go through it, it will be a snap the next time around.

    Just a heads up though, if you have a sensitive skin, you might break out for a short while, then things will be great after that.
  3. I thread my eyebrows; personally, I think threading hurts less than waxing with precise results..
  4. yep, I do!! I have to because I see a derm doctor for my skin. I was told that I had to stop getting my brows waxed because it would scar my skin. I think that threading hurts....ALOT. However, I still cry when I get shots. The brows I can pretty much deal with....although I wait untill I HAVE to go because I hate getting it done soooo much. They look great , and only cost me $7. I use to get my lip done as well, and I'm sorry, but that pain was through the roof...I actually had to have her stop because I was crying. I think you should try the brows, but the lip is just too much!!
  5. I wonder if the topical creams my doc has me on is the reason it hurts me so much....that or I'm just a baby:amuse:
  6. I get my eyebrows threaded all the time and I only pay $3.00!
  7. You're not a baby, I got teary eyed when I would get threaded. :crybaby:

    Threading was so weird. I could hear the hairs being ripped out and feel them land on my face. Skin felt very smooth after, not rubbery like with waxing. Unfortunately I still broke out for 1+ with threading. After the break outs I stick having them tweezed.
  8. Yes, I get my brows threaded and it's wonderful. It doesn't hurt as much as waxing IMO and the results are totally worth it. I've seen a topical cream that is supposed to numb your skin before waxing, maybe you could try that before getting threaded, but I really don't think it hurts that much.
  9. Gawd! I luv having my eyebrows threaded! I am allergic to waxing and before threading, I just pluck my eyebrows.

    With threading, at first, it will sting a lil bit.. but when you go the 2nd, 3rd, etc.. time around... it will be not as stinging as it was the 1st time. Plus, your eyebrows doesn't grow back that fast unlike with waxing or plucking (in my case, anyway).
  10. I think threading hurts more then waxing.
  11. I have a love/hate relationship with threading. The results are amazing (more precise than waxing) but my skin gets irritated really easily. I always get a few bumps here and there. I guess I'll resort to my trusty ol tweezerman!
  12. The first time hurt so much more than waxing, that I never did it again. Now I just stick to wax or tweezing.
  13. Threading really hurts!!! I use to think tweezing was the worst pain ever, but after having my brows threaded tweezing doesn't seem to hurt as much.
    However, the results from threading are fabulous and it seems to last a good while. So I put up with the!
  14. I have mine done as well. It hurts like a REAL mother beeper .. I've had it done many times and it never hurts any less. I like it better then waxing because I think it's more precise she does a better job of overall shaping them and creating an arch for me (my natural brow shape is super horizontal STRAIGHT! .. ick!
  15. yeah it hurts, but the results are worth it!