Threading services in Vancouver

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  1. I'm helping my cousin to locate a shop or salon that does threading services in Vancouver. Does anyone has any information on where it can be done? TIA! :smile:
  2. best place by far i mean it's even been mentiond in magazines is New Vision (steer clear of vision 2000 a few stores down it's an imposter of the original). It's on fraser between 50th and 51st if u want their number and info on the best threader msg me.
  3. aaaawww... aritziababe.. love name.. i use to work there at aritzia many years ago for many years. anyways, new vision is the palce i go too. i would recommend that place. i find that my brows are great after every time.
  4. ^^ i agree
    the other day while i was at work two girls complimented me on my eyebrows it was so funny
  5. thanks for your replies angelie & eastern_jewel. How much does New vision charge for just threading eyebrow? My cousin was asking if they does threading for the whole facial hair too.
  6. yes they thread the whole face as well i don't remember how much eyebrows cost but whole face including eyebrows upper lip is abt 12-15
  7. ^ I want to know too! If I go to vancouver.. maybe I can do my brows. :biggrin:

  8. $5 for brows
  9. Sorry but I dotn come from that region. Saw the thread and thought of replying. I am new to threading myself. And I must admit that its a very good and cheap method. Waxing at the beauty shop can cost and waxing at home is a risk!Threading is so good. I felt so different after the 1st threading, my eyebrows were in such a good shape!
    I Read some more on Threading your eyebrows, and I know that there are few who are hesitant towards this new method, but I can vouch for it personally. There is almost no pain felt and if you keep chatting away, you wont even notice how fast you're done with it!