Threading services in Vancouver


Feb 22, 2006
best place by far i mean it's even been mentiond in magazines is New Vision (steer clear of vision 2000 a few stores down it's an imposter of the original). It's on fraser between 50th and 51st if u want their number and info on the best threader msg me.


Oct 23, 2006
Sorry but I dotn come from that region. Saw the thread and thought of replying. I am new to threading myself. And I must admit that its a very good and cheap method. Waxing at the beauty shop can cost and waxing at home is a risk!Threading is so good. I felt so different after the 1st threading, my eyebrows were in such a good shape!
I Read some more on Threading your eyebrows, and I know that there are few who are hesitant towards this new method, but I can vouch for it personally. There is almost no pain felt and if you keep chatting away, you wont even notice how fast you're done with it!