threading or waxing?

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  1. which do you prefer & why? i've only had waxing... thanks!
  2. I love threading! It's fast and cheap. :smile:
  3. i like's cheaper, and they shape my eyebrows better than when i used to get it waxed.
  4. I prefer threading- hands down! It seems more precise or somthing. but I have not been able to get to the lady who threads mine- so I've been waxing recently.
  5. Threading! I did waxing for years and threading is best!
  6. I get my eyebrows threaded and get my :graucho: waxed. I do threading for the eyebrows because I've seen some very bad things happen to friends with waxing, so I'm too scared to do it.
  7. I am a big baby! I had my eyebrows threaded once and I almost hit the ceiling it was so painful! I wax.
  8. I have never had my eyebrows threaded I don't think it's that popular down here. I wax!
  9. I've had both. IMO, threading leaves a cleaner brow and they can pick up all the short hairs. Eyebrows looks so defined afterwards. Apparently threading is better for your skin because it isn't being pulled by the wax in the opposite direction. And for me it doesn't hurt at all :confused1:
  10. ^ thanks- i've only recently seen it around here and i've been interested in trying it. thanks so much!
  11. I'm recently a waxee-turned-threadee
    Like people have stated, threading, for example, your eyebrows is more precise and there is little to no chance of the shape messing up as you would have with waxing
    as well, threading does not pull off your skin or w/e like waxing does....... hmmm should of payed attention to my threader when she explained it to me. Which I believe is better long-term because wax does something to your skin..or something...*mumbles* :hrmm:

    Besides, who gets their whole face waxed? Go get it threaded- you don't know how much peach fuzz you will have :weird: :roflmfao:
  12. threading!!! hands down - after i got my first threading - i said i would NEVER wax again - waxing doe snot give you shape like threading does - it may be more painful but the result is totally worth it - and the hot wax being ripped off my skin irriated it like crazy.
  13. I wax, but have never tried threading.
  14. I've been doing the threading and love it. Before I used to pluck daily, now just go threading when needed, maybe 5 weeks? Also, most of the hairs don't even grow back. For $10 its definately worth it. Sometimes it might hurt just a little but I'm in and out in 4 minutes.
  15. If you're talking about eyebrows then definitely threading!! As everyone else has said it gives you the most beautifully shaped eyebrows compared to waxing. The pain isn't that bad and it's totally worth it IMO.