Thread-Toile Birkin, is too inspiring!

  1. hi all H lovers,
    the more i read the thread-Toile Birkin the more I wanna to place my next order with a Bi-color number.
    have pretty much decided to place my next order of Birkin in Naturel Barenia with Indigo Fjord, Palladium hardware with an invisible stamp.
    i'd always wanna to own a Bi-color, dont think I can cope with a either a toile or suede as too much maintenance, crinoline as too hot for where i live and I loved to have a debossing version of stamp.

    kindly let me know what you guys think and i shall ring Paris right away:yes:
  2. Will they mix leathers? Will they SO barenia?
    Where would the barenia be, and where for the fjord???

    sounds interesting. Indigo is so lovely.