thread suggestion

  1. i was just over in the chanel shopping subforum and they had this great little thread called "authentic chanel finds! ebay or etailers" and i think that i'd be so great if we had something like that in balenciaga. i'm not expert on anything at all so i don't have anything to offer up...but just thought it was a good idea.
  2. If you look at the top of the thread listings, there is a sub-forum called "Achtung" with lots of authentic ebay auctions listed. There are also updates of department store stock, if a pf'er has been to check that store out.
  3. Right...we actually have it better than the Chanel forum...because we have a whole subforum dedicated to it. ;)
  4. oh i've actually looked at that before...woops! :noggin: :sweatdrop: