Thread Subscriptions - Confused

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  1. I rarely subscribe to threads, but there have been a few I've clicked SUBSCRIBE TO so that I can easily find them. Thing is, my subscription folder is loaded with threads, some that I've posted to, but mostly ones I've never even looked at! And the ones I actually DID subscribe to, are no where to be found.

    Why isn't this feature working for me? Is it normal for every thread you ever comment within to be automatically added to your subscription list? Or is there something wrong that mine is full of threads I've never subscribed to?
  2. If you have your Default set as shown, you will be subscribed to any thread to which you reply.

    I have no idea why you would see threads you have never posted to.

    I'm not sure why your manual subscriptions don't appear unless they're just further down, or on the next page. It's possible there are no new posts since you subscribed. If so, they won't appear unless you click "View All Subscribed Threads" at the bottom right of the Subscribed thread list.

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  3. Ok, so I changed my Options to DO NOT SUBSCRIBE, so is that only going forwards? is there any way to delete all these threads I don't want to subscribe to? I can't even find the threads I actually subscribed to
  4. Go back to "View All Subscribed Threads".

    At the top, in the box labeled "Folder Controls", you'll see "Empty Current Folder". That may possibly delete all subscriptions. I've never tried that though.

    What I usually do is use the checkbox indicated to select all threads, then use the dropdown menu at the bottom right of the list to select "Delete Subscriptions" as shown, then click the "Go" button. That handles a full page at a time.

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  5. btw -- I forgot to thank you echoes
    I figured it out! :tup::flowers: