Thread "Please help me decide...Chale Mono Denim Shawl" UPDATE (w. PIX)!!!

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  1. A little follow-up with my previous thread about the Chale Denim shawl:heart:.
    My SA called this afternoon that she just got the black one i went in and tried it on, and the rests history.....i came home with TWO LV boxes: Chale Denim shawl + violette pochette cles!!!
    There was a little drama with the cles, my store plans to hold onto them to the Feb events for official release. But since im going overseas soon, and won't be back in time for the event. The manager decided to sell it to me first :love:Hehe, ok, i won't bore you anymore, PIX TIME!!!!

    First first LV shawl :heart:
    [​IMG] first LV vernis LE piece :heart:
  2. OMG. Congrats!!! I still haven't been able to find mine. Did they have any more? You look FAB!!!!
  3. congrats!!!! i love the shawl and i love the cles!!!
  4. Thank you!! There are still a few in Australia :yes:.
  5. GORGEOUS!! :tup: Looks great on you!
  6. LOVE the shawl!!!!!:drool:
  7. Thank you~! hehe...not logo overload??:sweatdrop:
  8. no logo overload at all!! just dont wear it with a mono bag and you'll be fine!!!

    you look amazing as usual!
  9. Nope!:nogood: I want one! Have a nice trip! So jealous at your Cles..:p JK.
  10. That scarf looks pretty! Congrats on the two new pieces. :smile:
  11. Hehe, thank you, mello_yello_jen, Lee, i was torn between the blue and black, but since i wear dark colors a lot, i figure the blacks easier to wear.....;)
  12. Congrats BB! Love the shawl. I just got my Pochette Cles from the LV store in Perth today. Which part of AU are you in? I didn't know that they were planning on holding on to them till Feb? I didn't have any problems getting mine..
  13. Thanks, John! Its very soft too :heart:
  14. Thank you!!! I got mine from Melb Collins store.:yes:
  15. Congrats ... it looks fab on you ... here they are holding all the new items for an event in Early Feb:tdown: