Thread for petite ladies?

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  1. This is just an idea but I'm sure I'm not the only one who has trouble finding clothes to fit because of my petite size. We can post reviews of brands and various items? And if we do that, I think it would be helpful to post your size and height. What does everyone thinks?
  2. This would be great! I'm a petite myself so I'll probably pitch in sometimes :smile:
    BTW...check out the blog has a list of other petite bloggers. A few of them are TPFers too.
  3. I'm surprised noone is interested, oh well...
  4. there are two bloggers you should check out. one is the post #2 mentioned, and another one is wendy's lookbook. they are both very short and small...and they both know how to dress and where to shop. tho i am not petite i check out their blogs regularly.
  5. I love the bloggers already listed, but does anyone know of any bloggers out there that are petite, but not necessarily a size 0 (perhaps someone in a size 6-8)? For me, just because someone is petite (short) doesn't always mean they wear a small or extra small...kwim?
  6. I like this idea for a thread! I am short and not super skinny either! (size 6/8)
  7. Great idea!! I'm very petite and wold love this thread.
  8. As a 5'1"-er, I approve!
  9. Juneping...i love Wendy - her Youtube videos are very helpful as well.
  10. Ditto.. btw i'm 5' and size 4/6 ( thanks google for size convertion :biggrin:)
    sometimes look at blog and the girls always look taller and super skinny :sad:
  11. when people photography, the camera can do tricks...making people look taller.
  12. I like this too! My biggest problem is finding blazers that fit correctly. Most have long arms and too much fabric in the arm pit area.

    Cait, as a side note, I am a huge fan of Are You Being Served!
  13. Love the idea of having this thread! And scaredycat, thanks for the site! There are really useful posts on this site :smile:
  14. Frugalfinds, try BEBE for blazers-I just tried one several weeks ago and it fit perfectly. I think it was size 0. Didn't buy then, now regretting it:sad:

    Also, wanted to review some items from Express store where I do shop a lot. My measurements are 33 1/2-25-34, 5'1. I tried their skinny jeans recently(sorry, don't remember which is the style's name, I think it was Stella low rise) and they actually carry short length in most styles which is a HUGE plus for me. Length on me-perfect, no alteration required. Waist is a tinsy bit loose but totally wearable with a belt. I tried both 00 and 0 and prefered 0. I could actually squeeze in 00 but if I gained an once of weight, they wouldn't fit anymore so I went with slightly looser 0. I ended up buying those and still debating if I really want to take in the waist a bit. Overall, its a good fit.

    Also tried and bought this top
    on the model it hits midthigh-on me its below my butt so its more of a tunic but I liked how it looked so it came home with me. I choose size S even though I would fit into XS but I prefer clothes that are formfitting but not totally skintight and size XS would be very skintight. I wore it already with a belt, so far so good.

    I also absolutely loved this polo since I like polos and this is slighter more "blingier" version!
    Once again I choose S because it wasn't as tight. Fit is fine everywhere except for length. On model, its midthigh, on me its below my butt, tunic length. I actually liked how that looked so that came home with me as well. That is the problem with Express tops-lot of them are too long on me but I've recently changed my wardrobe a bit so leggings with formfitting tunic style tops is something i really like.

    Coupld of days ago I also stopped at Ann Taylor to check out some of their new stuff. Should have taken pics, sorry
    Tried this top
    fit fine around waist and hip area but HUGE on the shoulder. Clearly made for someone who is much broader in the shoulder than little skinny me. IT was actually falling off my shoulders. Their tops always run too big on me so this was no suprise. I tried XXS, btw
  15. Me too! Such a hilarious show, even 30+ years later :smile: