Thread for New Prices Post Price Increase

  1. Hi ladies,
    I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread for all of the new prices for all of the Chanel bags that were affected by the price increase! Post if you know the new price for sure! :smile:
  2. The classic medium caviar flaps went from $1995 to $2350.
    The large cambon patent tote went from $1650 to $1950.
    that's all i can think of at the moment.
  3. -Lambskin medium classic flap went from $2195 to $2495.
    -Jumbo Carviar went from $2250 to $2660.
  4. <THUD! (sound of me falling on the floor)

    the jumbo flap is almost $1000 more than when i got mine not even a year ago!!!!
  5. Does anyone know the new price for the PST now?
  6. When I was put on the wait list for the dark red reissue in 226 I was told (by two separate people) the price would be $2425, not much more than the old 226 price I believe.
  7. That is good news:sweatdrop:
  8. $1250
  9. Whoa Price increase NOT cool. Why did I get into Chanel so late! Boo!!
  10. So the PST did not increase in price??
  11. Thanks for starting this forchanel !
    I paste the first price increase on Feb.1,2007 for classic flap. Please feel free to add more:

    The Classic Flap Bag

    East/West -$1,395.00 (or $1350?)for Caviar - Now
    -$1,550.00 (or $1350?)for Lambskin -Now

    Small - $1,795.00 for Caviar - Now
    $1,950.00 for Lambskin-Now
    Medium - $1,995.00 Caviar - Now $2350
    $2,150.00 for Lambskin-Now $2495
    Jumbo - $2,250.00 Caviar - Now $2660
    $2,405.00 for Lambskin - Now

  12. Did reissues go up or not?
  13. This is music to my ears (or better yet eyes!) :tup:
  14. I saw this price ($1250) on the PST yesterday at Saks. Maybe they haven't changed the tags yet. I'm not sure whether that's the increased price or not??? :confused1:
  15. ^^Saks is increasing on the 12th.