Thread for H-Anon slippers

  1. Whoops! I just slipped!
    I reserved one of those little make-up bags. I'll get it right after N-M's double point days later this month.

    And I just called the Chicago store to get a brag book!! I couldn't believe how inexpensive they are. $150 for the Ulysses, and $90 for the insert to put photos in! I'm so THERE!

    Sorry GF! I'll be back in your thread just as soon as my stuff is delivered!
  2. And I thought this thread was going to be about casual foot-wear. :lol:
  3. Is the brag book in the Le Monde? I don't remember it.
  4. ME, TOO! LOL! :nuts: :roflmfao: :wlae:
  5. I don't know! I had read about the 'brag book' on The Bag Snob a while ago and asked about it at N-M Troylast month. They said they had had the inserts a while ago, but were out of stock. I asked about it again today and they said they had no idea when they'd get them in again.

    So when I got home, I picked up the phone and dialed Hermes Chicago. I asked about the inserts, and the SA said that it only goes in the Ulysses. She added that the insert would take a 4x6 photo and I was surprised - that seems larger than I expected.

    Anyway, I'm thrilled - whichever size it takes. I've been dying for something sturdy to carry my photos in. I promise to take photos just as soon as I get it.
  6. Okay. I saw the Ulysses Gm & MM on page 15 of Le Monde in the "madder Red" What a neat idea Coco!
  7. I thought Hermes came out with new slippers by the title of the thread! LOL! That's awesome about the photo inserts--the bad thing is that means I'd have to get a PM Ulysee since it won't fit into the PM. Looking forward to seeing your pix!
  8. My name is Rose..... and I have been very bad..... I tempted two of my fellow PFers to yield to tempation...... even though they were seeking 'help':shame:

  9. Rose- I think the help we fellow tPFers were seeking was not exactly the kind that stops us from purchasing things but instead the kind that tells us exactly where to purchase such goodies. As to the latter you were very, very good (and helpful). :flowers:
  10. I wonder if I can safely come here and not be tempted?? This is the question --
  11. :yes: i am trying my hardest not to look at the ebay/web finds anymore.. those are major temptations.. :angel: hehehe.. but this thread should be oki as long as non major goodies are posted.. lol :roflmfao: :jammin:
  12. I'm curious about this brag book. Is it from Hermes? And the inserts, are these just like clear pic inserts like a small photo album's? And you get them at Hermes? Sounds interesting! A Ulysse is on my "list" but I'm just waiting for the right colour to hit my store. So, wrt Ulysse size, I take it the PM would work coz it's 6.25"x5.25"?
  13. LOL...I did not offically enter the ban until after yielding to temptation... Rose, you should receive commendation for your community service today!

    I also expected this thread conversation to revolve around footwear...I hope I am unable to contribute as a "slipper" for at least two months...
  14. Glad to hear it! Enjoy, can't wait to pick mine up on Monday!
  15. Yes, it's directly from Hermes, but I haven't seen it yet; I hope it arrives by the end of next week.

    The SA says that there are twelve pockets for 4"x6" photos, so 24 pictures can be displayed. The insert fits into the Ulysses, but I'm not sure which size that would be. She did note that all of the Ulysses are made of Clemence and are unlined (which is why it's only $150, I guess! The photo pocket insert is an additional $90.)

    I just know that I'll be very excited to carry around photos of my family in my bag!