Thre must be somebody up there who loves me

  1. Sorry for the long post ladies, but I really have to share this with you! I am so excited I don't know where to start from, and I almost have tears in my eyes.

    I had an order for a vert anis birkin, that I made a long time ago.

    I am usually quite focused and good at saving money for big expenses (big expenses = Hermes, and this is how I got the five birkins/kellys I have in my closet). That said, I don't know why but lately I have been spending a lot, really a lot more than what I should have done.

    Then, when I was in Paris, two weeks ago, I unexpectedly found my dream agenda, which I had been looking for for three years: black box with zip vision size.
    In the past three years the store managers kept on telling me that H just didn't do that agenda in that size with zip in that leather, so I had just put a SO for it at my local H boutique, but you know how these things work: it takes about two years and you're never really sure you're going to have it until it has arrived.
    So I suppose you can understand how surprised and happy I was to find one all of a sudden, just like that, waiting for me in that store (even my local store manager was surprised, and she advised me to buy the one I found straight away). But that was an expensive agenda...

    Then, last week, my local store manager finds for me an amazing Maharani clutch, a SO that has been turned down. I adore the Maharani clutch so much that I had just put a SO for that as well. The Maharani they had in the shop was so amazing that I decided to take it and give up my SO.

    After all that, I checked my finances in my bank, and I almost fainted :shocked: . I mean, really I felt my legs weak: my CC debt was so huge that not only had I blown all my vert anis birkin fund :push:, but I owed money to the bank. This is bad, very very bad.

    No way I could have bought the birkin if it had arrived any time between now and let's say three months. But what I thought was "I should be really unlucky if the birkin arrived right now".
    I suppose you know what's next: 48hrs later I received a call from H telling me that the green birkin had arrived:s :hysteric: :sad: ...and I had to turn it down...

    Ladies, I felt so bad soooo sooooo bad, so guilty for having been that stupid,
    I was soooo depressed it made me sick for the all day, and my self esteem was at the lowest level ever. How on earth at my age could I have not learned the lesson of how life goes. I really hated hated myself.

    Okay, there's a person in my life, he is not my BF, nothing of that kind between us, but we're almost a family, he is almost a second father to me, and he has been the only person I can rely on for the past 10 years, and we share the appartment we live in. He is very very careful to expenses, and would never spend much money on a bag. Believe me girls, when I say never it really means never. No way.

    I was so upset for having been so stupid that I couldn't sleep last night.
    I finally fell asleep at dawn.

    A few hours later this person I live with bumped into my room and woke me up...he was shouting surpriiiiiise! surpriiiiiiise! wake uuuuuup!!!! and he was holding a big orange box in his hands.

    The shock was so big I couldn't breathe anymore. He had to give me a glass of water so that I would calm down a little bit.
    Believe me ladies, I really was in shock, this is one of the strongest things I have experienced in my life.
    Being offered such a gift, in such a way... this is beyond anything that I would ever have imagined.
    This man is not the very rich kind who doesn't care at all about the $$$ spent for a birkin, and for this reason this is even more valuable.

    I really feel like a princess, there must be somebody up there who really loves me after all. And I am lucky. Yes I feel like a lucky woman, no, it's more than that, I fell honored, or maybe what I feel is even more complex, it's a mixture of different feelings, but I think that you ladies who share the same passions that I have may understand how I feel.

    I really feel I am a special person today:smile: , and here is what he did for me:

    He went to H at 9.30 even if they open at 10, waited in front of the door because he was afraid that they would sell the bag to somebody else, he asked for my SA, and he bought for me the bag I had turned down the previous day.

    I can't believe it ladies... I can't believe it...:yahoo:
    birkin 30cm swift vert anis 2 resized.jpeg birkin 30cm swift vert anis 3 resized.jpeg
  2. OMG, OMG, OMG!!!! I'm speachless....
  3. trama turgo..I am soooo happy for you! :smile: Sometimes things just seem to work out in mysterious ways and having special people in your life who understand how passionate you can be about something ,although they may not understand that passion, is a blessing..
    you were meant to have the birkin and the maharani clutch .. and hopefully u would be able to get that box agenda real soon.. you r very lucky indeed and deserve all the good fortune that comes ur way..
  4. omg that is the BEST story. someone really does love you- and it's the person you live with. how amazing of him. and now you have all the things you've been longing for! that's fantastic!
  5. What a lovely story!! It sounds like someone on earth loves you very much as well! How special!!! I'm sure you'll recover your own finances soon. Congratulations, on your new bag, and for having a friend who cares for you so much.
  6. I am so happy for you!!! Tha bag is just gorgeous. What a wonderful, wonderful friend.
  7. OMG.. what a loving story.. I'm so happy for you... enjoy the bag & wear it in good health.. Lucky you! The bag is super gorgeous.. love it!!! ;)
  8. What an inspirational and sweet story and what a beautiful Birkin:p

    You are very blessed.....
  9. :o

    FABULOUS!! Congrats!!
  10. Congrats, what a great story!
  11. What an amazing person in your life!! The bag is beautiful - enjoy it!
  12. More pics to feast your eyes
    birkin 30cm swift vert anis 4 resized.jpg birkin 30cm swift vert anis 5 resized.jpg birkin 30cm swift vert anis 6 resized.jpg birkin 30cm swift vert anis 8 resized.jpg birkin 30cm  swift vert anis 7 resized.jpg
  13. ITs beautiful, the color is TDF. What a wonderful story as well, I love it!
  14. OH! Trama! Big congratulations! Love your story so much:heart: :heart: ! Thankyou for sharing :drool::smile: :smile: Gorgeous vert anis
  15. TT, it's just beautiful. What leather is it?

    You're friend is a complete sweetheart.