Thousands of women apparantly 'conned' by floods of fakes online.

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  1. The best part of this article is that there is an ad for one of the fake sites to the left of the article when I pulled it up..
  2. ^^^ holy crap. me too.
  3. Yep, gotta love Google's SEO-bots. It's amazing how I went on Bag, Borrow or Steal ONCE, and the next thing I know, EVERY site I went to that worked with Google ads was a banner ad for Bag, Borrow or Steal. They catch your cookies and cache based on your search terms and Google's robot-ad system matches up their paid advertisers with your search history in Google. Quite big brotherish! And very real.
  4. Sharkbait I noticed that too! It happened to me, and even showed the bag I had been looking at. I also went to a different companys website to look at a job listing, and now every time I log into facebook the banner has an ad for the company. Freaky!!!