Thousands of biscuits washed ashore after gale-force winds wreck cargo ship

  1. Last updated at 16:08pm on 2nd February 2008

    Thousands of packets of chocolate biscuits were washed ashore this afternoon after gale-force winds forced a cargo ship to run aground.

    The McVitie's biscuits were being carried on lorries aboard the Riverdance, which ran aground off north shore near Blackpool on Thursday night. Today, another cargo ship, the Horncliff, ran aground off the coast of Cornwall, and a rescue attempt to airlift a seriously injured captain had to be launched.

    A Royal Navy helicopter from RNAS Culdrose in Cornwall rescued the skipper of the Horncliff after the RAF failed last night in force nine gales.
    A Falmouth coastguard spokesman said weather conditions had eased in the area south of Ireland and an attempt to get the captain took place this morning.
    "We want to get this guy off and to hospital," the spokesman said. The injured man will be taken to hospital in Cornwall and not Cork as previously planned.

    The cargo ship was carrying bananas and other fruit from the Caribbean to Dover when it encountered a force 10 storm about 200 miles off southern Ireland yesterday. It lost about 90 containers.
    During the storm the captain sustained serious spinal and internal injuries.
    Two passengers on board were also less seriously hurt - one with a broken hand and another with head injuries.
    It appeared those injured were trying to fasten the containers in the storm. Last night a Sea King helicopter from RAF Chivenor in Devon, assisted by a Nimrod maritime patrol aircraft from Scotland, spent nearly an hour over the ship trying to get the injured man off.

    But there was a 24ft swell at the time and it proved impossible.
    Up to six other people - thought to be passengers - also wanted to leave the ship.
    The coastguard said the vessel also suffered some damage and it was listing slightly but there is no danger of it sinking.
    Meanwhile the Horncliff is now heading to Falmouth Bay. The other two injured may also be airlifted. The exact circumstances of how the captain suffered his injuries is unknown.

    I posted this story because it was a step up from those oil spills.
    I'm not posting a picture of the injured captain, but I pray he's okay.
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  2. Oh gosh, I hope the Captain is alright, especially since he has spinal injuries..

    Poor biscuits, now they'll never be loved !
  3. ^^ Fish or seagulls might enjoy them. (I just hope they don't swallow the wrapper!)
  4. What a terrible waste of cookies...
  5. That is a lot of biscuits!!
  6. Mmmmmm..... biscuits....
  7. I saw this title out of the corner of my eye and I first thought it said "Thousands of *****es" and I was like Whaaaat? :lol::rolleyes:
  8. Yeah . . . I can't have those chocolate digestive biscuits in my apartment. I can't control myself around them, they're so damned good.
  9. uhmm I love digestives soo good, some of my friends just dont get it!
  10. I hope the captain's ok!

    Hm... wonder if they were wrapped well enough that the biscuits inside are undamaged... *hungry*