Thougts on these 2 Rose Gold Bracelets-Marco Bicego or David Yurman

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  1. Considering each of these and only want one to wear by itself or possibly stacked with a white gold oval bangle. I appreciate any feedback regarding the quality or look of these options.

    The first is Marco Bicego Marrakech. This bracelet is flexible. I am especiially wondering about the quality of this type of gold treatment. The gold threads are wound around a gold wire.
    This is David Yurman. The price is similar to the MB.
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  2. Hi!

    May I suggest another alternative? I have a Fope Flexit bracelet and it is the most comfortable bracelet I have in my small collection.


    You can just slip it on and it plays nice with bangles. I have worn it at least 3 times a week for the last 4 years and it still looks like new. All of the springs are 18k gold. If you look to buy, many Italian jewelers have great discounts. I also have a lobster clasp version that is not flexible, but I do not wear it much since the I have the Flexit.

    I have tried on the Marco Bicego Marrakesh bracelet in person and honestly it felt like it would not age too well. But I am hard on my jewelry, so it might be different for you.
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  3. Gourmetgal,

    Of the two bracelets, I would recommend the David Yurman.

    I question the durability of this particular Marco Bicego bracelet.
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  4. Thanks for your reply. I am glad you’re enjoying your Fopes. I had a yellow gold one bought in Italy that broke and the local jewelers couldn’t figure out how to fix it so I sold it for scrap! Don’t want to repeat that mistake. Too bad because they are pretty.
  5. I like the Yurman.
  6. Lately I've been transitioning my jewelry purchases from David Yurman to Marco Bicego. I prefer the dressier, delicate look and comfort. I have one of the other bracelets in the Marrakech collection and it has done okay mostly in occasional wear and I am considering getting another to go along with it. Of the two bracelets you show, I think the DY would be more of a statement when worn alone. You've chosen my two favorite jewelry designers!
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  7. The first one look interesting.
  8. I like MB also. I have quite a few of the long necklaces, Siviglia and Lunaria but no bracelets. Most of my other gold jewelry is Pomellato but I’m not really finding a rose gold bracelet I like in that line. I have no David Yurman and
    I’m not sure of the quality but I like that little bracelet.
  9. Have you seen either of the bracelets in person yet? Marco Bicego rose gold is very pale. I have not seen David Yurman rose gold pieces yet to report on them. I think the MB might be a better match style wise with the Pomellato you already own.
  10. I’ve seen the Marco Bicego IRL and it actually works well with my Everose Rolex on the other wrist. Good point about Pomellato working better with Marco Bicego. MB gold has such a nice soft look.
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  11. sorry to hear that! I can imagine that repairing these bracelets is nearly impossible for 3rd party jewelers.

    Regarding the rose gold color I agree that you should check in person in case you have not already done so. I find the Pomellato rose gold to be in between yellow gold and 18k rose gold of other brands. For example, it is closer to Ole Langgaards yellow gold than rose gold in my opinion.
  12. Yes, I find that’s true of the higher end lines when it comes to rose gold. They tend to be very subtle, even more so than Marco Bicego which is fairly moderately priced.
  13. Went ahead and ordered the Marco Bicego in all 3 colors, white, rose and yellow. They look amazing together! I’ll post a photo when they arrive.
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  14. Gourmetgal, how did these work out for you?
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  15. Funny I have been doing the same! Only four pieces of Yurman remain.

    I have one Marrakech rose bracelet, the small version, that has had regular wear for 6 months. Very happy with the quality and shine. It’s been a great complement to many designers in my collection.
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