Thoughts…shall I keep this vintage CF

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  1. Hi lovely ladies! Hope you are having a great evening
    I got an 2001 Lambskin medium CF GHW off Fashionphile few days back. Thought it was a deal at the time so I placed the order right away.

    I always prefer Lambskin over caviar and medium is the perfect size. Also I prefer the gold pleated hardware & slightly puffy quilted diamond on older bags. In brief, this is the perfect bag of me.

    A few days after my purchase I saw another 2017 CF, all else equal but it’s more recent and has dust bag & auth card. Only $300 pricier than mine. Wasn’t fast at checkout, or I would get both items and compare which one to keep.

    so here’s my questions hope to get your help.
    - looking at photos attached, how much you think it’s fair for this bag? (Only comes with a box)
    - I’m afraid the quilted diamonds will lose its puffiness. Any thought to prevent it happening on vintage bags?
    - last pic shows the stitch slightly worn . Would that get worse over time? I don’t baby my bags just normal use

    Thank you in advance for your inputs! I hope this bag will last long
    C5B7AC79-E7A6-48EF-A541-B9EA01313B42.jpeg 172A7EA0-67F3-4243-8886-CCF6861A5457.jpeg A1805C8F-EE52-40B2-8638-BE3AE1F0DC4B.jpeg D6D94302-92E6-4DBE-A842-B829FBE0F681.jpeg
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  2. Beautiful bag!
    In my experience, FP is very fair with their prices UNLESS it is a bag in high demand. For example, demand for Chanel minis drives the re-sale prices above retail! I don't believe Chanel was doing 24 carat gold-plated hardware in 2001, much less 2017. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. I have no tips about keeping the quilts puffy, other than not storing it flat for long periods of time (I store mine upright, in dust bag). As far as price, perhaps you can share what you paid and then respondents can comment as to whether that seems reasonable.
    As far as dust bag and authenticity can get authentic dust bags for Chanels off of Ebay. I wouldn't die on that hill. For me, the authenticity card doesn't matter because 1) I buy my Chanel bags from a reputable source that I trust, and 2) My flaps are "forever" pieces for me; I won't be selling. If you think you might sell this bag down the road, perhaps the card is worth it to you. To me, it's not worth the $300.
  3. Thank you for your detailed reply! I think I'm debating w myself since I'm looking at the price of the bag based on the year it's made. I believe I'm paying more than this bag's price over the absolute dollar MSRP in 2001; while if I got the 2017 bag I'm paying about the same (or even lower) than absolute dollar MSRP in 2017.

    fyi it's $2525 before tax. I personally consider it's fair. Not a deal not overpaying either (please let me know how much you think it's fair too! thanks ). I don't mind the auth card etc but the $300 difference is more about shall I get a newer bag. I've heard that newer bags are worse on quality but the older bags being more "fragile", relatively speaking, irks me too. I've never had a bag ~20 years old and I'm afraid if anythings falls apart later, even with normal use.
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    I hear what you're saying. I'm no expert, but I think $2525 is a fair price, based on the condition your bag appears to be in. I would be very surprised if it fell apart unless it was totally abused; the quality of these bags that are a bit older seems to be superior, if one is to believe the experienced owners that comment on this forum. When I bought my bags, I guess I was more concerned with how they looked/the condition they were in than what year they were made. Maybe that's silly, but there you go. A bag made more recently might be more expensive on the resale market, but I feel like that isn't always the case.
  5. thank you again :smile: I 've decided to keep her after i returned from a trip to Japan. Japan has many vintage shops for luxury bags and looking at the condition & price of Chanel CF, I think 2525 is a fair price too (even a bargin; although it may be the vintage shops are overpriced for tourists).
    What really made me pull the trigger is I just love the feeling touching the bag. for its supple, lightweight yet good quality leather thru the years... here's a photo of her & my vintage Première watch. happy holidays!
    Photo Dec 14, 00 26 45.jpg
  6. Just gorgeous! I think you made the right decision. I was always a caviar girl until I came across the lambskin on a vintage small flap I was considering. It’s amazing! And your watch is beautiful too.
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