1. So I've been holding off on buying bags for the past few months. I even let go of a Chanel Khaki Cabas--the "holy grail" of bags. It just didn't do it for me. However, I've been thinking that a subtle metallic would be perfect for spring and something "slouchy," less structured.

    I went to Nordy's today and stumbled on this Michael Kors bag... What do you guys think? I'm not totally in love with the shape right off the bat, but it's a beautiful color! What do you guys think? Is she a keeper?

    Here's a stock photo of the bag in black:
    DSCN1162.JPG DSCN1163.JPG DSCN1164.JPG
  2. I like it.
  3. is it metallic pewter or slate? I much prefer it over silver/gold/bronze/mirror metalics. not wild about the shape either...
  4. The colour is great, and although not the most exciting of shapes, it looks like it would be a bag you will use often. How much was it?
  5. OMG!!! i really really shocked u're letting go of the khaki cabas... i want that bag so much :p
    but i guess, it's people's own opinion to decide which bag is for her or not :yes:

    the michael kors is cute, but personally i'm not really fond of the shape :p...
  6. I think it's actually an excellent option. You (I presume) are about to go into summer. Metallics are huge this season and the shape is actually very appropriate. In winter, standards of dress are a bit higher and everyone is more pulled together, which makes it the perfect time to pull all of your structured bags out. But in summer, wearing some black tailored shorts or a breezy sun-dress, something slouchy is perfect.

    And I admire you for putting your bag consumption on hold!! Far more stamina than myself at the moment!
  7. I really like it, it is one of those bags you can use for anything, it will match's an every day bag...(that is what I was trying to say, lol)
  8. I agree, I think it'd be a perfect everyday bag. Looks very roomy for all the junk that we need to schlepp around :yes:
  9. I really like it! Its a keeper!!!
  10. its nice. is it on par with letting a chanel go though?
  11. I like this color--is it a pewter? I can say that I don't care much for the gold/bronze metallics, but this color is very attractive.
  12. I am not so keen on it.
  13. I like it. Its a cute shape and good neutral but still trendy color.
  14. love the colour - and I like the shape - very now: similarly unstructured like the Celine Bittersweet or Loewe Nappa Aire.

    Good choice
  15. ^^Thanks for everyone's feedback! It's pewter--metallic, but not overtly blingy gold or silver like what's out there by other lines. To be honest, I never really LOVED the Cabas due to it's "bulk"--it didn't slouch much due to the khaki being a stiff leather.

    The drawstrings on this bag adjust, so I can actually change the shape of the bag. It's somewhat similar in shape as the YSL double tote that can go from a "rectangular" tote to a scrunched up tote.