thoughts ?

  1. What handbag/style would you wear with this ?
    like the look.jpg
  2. hmmm not sure, but i think i really need to wear this amnd see which bag matches.
    but i think it'll look good with a big slouchy leather bag.
  3. brown or black ?
  4. A brown hand bag or brown clutch
  5. bags ?
  6. I think a slouchy clutch in a neutral color would look really good with that outfit. I also think the small brown purse on the right in the picture you posted would look good with it..
  7. see what i can find. thanks
  8. a bronze snakeskin clutch
  9. ^^ sounds nice :biggrin:
  10. Personally, I think structured and hand-carried to offset the outfit. Slouchy is almost too much ...
  11. yes, structured and hand-carried in either black or off-white or purple leather.:yes:

    cute shoes btw!
  12. among those you posted, the speedy mini lin is the best one with the outfit. :smile:

    as for my prior post, i was only looking at the shoe! LOL.. off white won't do with this particular outfit. :smile:
  13. Chanel reissue black with silver h/w?
  14. You think black shoes are better ?
  15. I like to mix and match outfits to see what things would look like....

    I think it gives you an idea of your style.
    hot croc.jpg black.jpg
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