Thoughts/Review of the Lady Dior long wallet


Purse whore
Feb 17, 2007
Melbourne, FL
I have a gift certificate to Dior and am looking to get my first Dior item. I’m looking at getting the long wallet. How does it compare to the Chanel WOC?
I am heading to Miami and Las Vegas next month and would love some input before I hit the boutique. Thanks



Vintage CLs please
Dec 19, 2006
First, I'm jealous that you get to go to Miami and Vegas! I have not left my home state since February. Anyway, in answer to your question, I have the Diorama version of that long wallet and a Chanel WOC. They hold roughly the same amount. Basically just cards and phone. I have a 10S Max with case and pop socket. The Dior has more card slots and the chain is completely removable, unlike the Chanel. When I had a smaller phone, I could also fit small aviator sunnies in the Chanel. However, I do think the Dior can fit a bit more because the depth can stretch more than the Chanel. Hope this helps! Have a safe trip and please share with us what you end up getting.


Feb 23, 2018
I have this long wallet and it’s hands down my most used item. I use it as a wallet as well as on its own when running quick errands. I can put my iPhone 11pro in it , checkbook, endless amount of cards, cash and change. I’ve even put a slim lip gloss in the zippered change section. I’ve used the chain for evening dinners out, otherwise I tuck the chain in rather than remove it. I’m not gentle on this item, it has been thrown about and yet has held beautifully. Quality perhaps tops any leather good I own, I am amazed. Still puffy too! Worth every penny and then some. Can’t recommend it enough to.
I own the black calfskin leather and have had it for 3 years. Go for it!!