Thoughts re: Open Top Bags?

  1. Just wondering how you all feel about bags without a top closure... no zip, no buckle, no nothing. Does your stuff fall out? Do you feel safe and secure carrying them around? Thanks!
  2. i liek them with at least a snap button....:tup:
  3. I think I must have a slight preference for open top bags. I absolutely adore my mono petite bucket and reade PM! Even when I am carrying Priscilla or one of my speedies, they are open half the time.
    I guess I must feel pretty secure about my belongings in them. I think if I were travelling by myself or in an unfamiliar location, I would be sure to zip up my speedy.
  4. I see by your pic, Lorretta, that you have a Reade PM and an Azur Speedy. Is it a 30, by any chance? Can you compare the size of these two bags for me? I know this is "off topic," but since I posted the topic, I'm taking the liberty of veering off course a bit.:rolleyes: Thanks!
  5. I have an Audra, which is totally open top. I don' t have any trouble with it. Maybe it's because the top narrows slightly. The only thing is, is that it's a little small. I've been using larger bags lately and I wish it came in a GM size.
  6. i prefer open top bags because i'm always in a rush and it's easy for me to get things out. i use a scarf to cover the contents.
  7. Open top purses are very handy for easily storing stuff, but I admit I get completely paranoid and won't carry my small LV batignolles if I even suspect rain....

    If you live in a sunny place though, no problem:smile:
  8. I prefer open top bags since i dont even zip the ones i have with zippers!!!
  9. i prefer zip top bags because when i put my bag in the car it could fall over and everything could spill out and same goes with when u bend over, or just unwanted things falling IN
  10. My speedy is the 25. It definitely will hold more than the Reade pm.
    The Reade is taller, but not as wide as the speedy 25.
    There is a pic in the reference section that shows you can put 5 cans of diced tomatoes in the Reade! You can probably fit about 10 in the speedy.
    Not that we would, but you know, just for reference. :smile:
    I usually carry my small epi agenda, ipod (larger 3rd generation), phone, a long Japanese paper wallet, cardholder, ficcare hair clip, small cosmetics bag, coin purse, and a dooney "cles" for my mailbox keys. This all fits in the Reade!
  11. I am fine with a smaller open top bag. I wouldn't be comfortable with a large one. With smaller open top bags stuff is fitted in a little bit and doesn't move around too much. I have a Coach bag that is about the size of the LV petit bucket and an LV Reade PM.
  12. depends on the size of the bag........

    but I'ld perfer someone with a zipper or a snap button

    just wanna feel more secure and safe so that I don't have to check

    frequently if someone try to sneak their hands into my bag
  13. I prefer zippered top bags. They're more secure. And I can leave them unzipped sometimes if I want more accessibility. That's why I'm loving the new Montorgueil! :tup:
  14. I also prefer bags with zippers because I might tip it over either in the car or when I go out and I have a lot of accessories and small items in my purse that could fall out without me noticing.
  15. No open tops for me! Anything with a snap button will be fine. I don't want anybody else's hands inside my bag :tdown: