Thoughts please on the Edie bag vs. Bayswater?

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  1. Since I'm finding search difficult now on these forums I apologize for the topic but would love some info on the Edie bag and her pros/cons.
    I'm not wanting a large bag but a smallish/med. one (about 10-12" long).
    I would love to hear pros/cons on the Edie bag. I already own the tooled Bays.

    Thanks so much ladies!
  2. I use to own a small Edie but I found that the strap wasn't long enough to wear across body. It was definitely a shoulder bag. The actual leather on the bag was hard wearing but I think because I owned a few alexas i kept reaching for one of them before the Edie so I sold it.
  3. Thank you, good to know about the strap!