Thoughts/Opinions on the B Mix tote

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  1. Does anyone own this bag? Even if you don't own it, what do you think of it? I'm torn - I like the size and that it's patent. But, I also think that it's kinda plain looking and I don't like that it only has a slip pocket inside (no zipper pocket). I'd appreciate your opnions! Thanks.
  2. I think its OK - but in a way it kind of reminds me of a bowling ball bag. A very nice one though :s
  3. I have this in white/zucca, and I LOVE IT. I use it all the time b/c it holds so much stuff. The slip pockets are useful cause I can throw my keys and cell phone in there and not lose them. It is a great every day bag, in my opinion. Hope this helps!
  4. I have this bag with the black/zucca trim, and I adore it! I get compliments all of the time, and the size is great. I put in a large pursket, and now I have room for everything in it!
  5. This bag does not inspire me to spend massive amounts of money on it - sorry.
  6. I prefer it in the mixed versions (some zucca elements), have the same one as Chessca & happy with it.:tup: But agree with Lit, need to buy it at a discount if you can. Some great sales going on now....:graucho:
  7. Thanks, everyone for the information. These bags are on sale at Barney's for 60% off. They a "bubble/latex" one left in stock. I think I'm going to wait, until I see one that givies me that "wow" factor. Happy Holidays!!!
  8. I agree it's such a gorgeous every day bag!:smile:
  9. It's a very basic bag, but I like the shape and the Selleria version is actually a steal for Selleria leather!
  10. For those of you have this with the zucca trim, how are the straps holding up? I've been looking at another one, and the straps are made of zucca, not leather.

  11. The straps are made of Spalmati (coated fabric) I believe and mine have been quite sturdy/stiff in the zucca. I also have one of the "pretty ones" (beads, sequins, etc.) and it has metallic patent is sturdy, but the metallic coating can get damaged a bit...nonetheless I luv it! :love:
  12. baglady.1 - thanks for the response! I know the fabric wears like iron, so I thought the straps made of the fabric would, too. But, I just wanted to be sure.
  13. Kiss P - I have the larger version of the picture you posted, and the handles with the zucca trim are holding up great. I have been using the bag practically every day since November, and it looks brand new with the exception of slight wear on the bottom corners. The handles look brand new, and I just love this bag.
  14. melanierez - thanks for the response! I'm thinking this will be a great everyday bag!
  15. I own the Bmix in black patent a couple of months now and use it a lot. And I LOVE it still. It is perfect in every way. It is light weight, is very comfortable under the shoulder as in the hand and it fits all documents and books I want to carry in it. I love the simple but unique design, it's really timeless.
    Also the patent is 'bubbled' so it looks gorgious when light shines on it (it reminds me of a sparkling sea in the summer :rolleyes:)

    As you can see, I have nothing but good words for this bag. The quality is just great! And as for the inside pockets, the large purseket fits perfectly in it, so there's a solution to that... The only 'bad' thing of this bag, it has a big zipper, that isn't as smooth as I was used to with other designer bags (such as the lampo ones), but the positive things of this bag outweighs that....

    I also love the aqua one Frances Bean Cobain has! (taken from the celeb section)