Thoughts on working with your SO/DH?

  1. I'm asking bc both my BF and I have been offered positions at the same consulting firm...Some info: We have been together for 7 years, went to the same college (same major, too!) and are branching out in the work world now. We have been working for 6 months at separate companies, but we have just both been offered A LOT of money for positions at the same firm. It is a great opportunity for us both, career wise as well as financially.

    We are best friends, I see absolutely no problem with us working together (we don't live together right now), but just wanted to hear some thoughts on this?? Also, we are planning to get married next year, so I don't know if this complicates the situation? :shrugs:
  2. PHH and I actually met while working together at the same hospital in Philly.We worked well together..I had no issues with it!
    Depends on the type of job and how well you get along I suppose!
  3. how closely together will you be working? I took a class with my bf once and wanted to stab him in the eye by the end of the semester--and he is my best friend!! will you be competing in any way?
  4. My DH and I met at work too...and while we worked together it was fine, but I must admit once we didn't work together it was better.
  5. My parents worked together for over 20 years, and carpooled, etc. They enjoyed it, but it could be stifling at times because everyone knew who they were and with hospitals being what they are, it was harder for them to establish their own professional identities at first because they had the same specialty, too. Working in separate wards helped, as did separate buildings, and over time, they operated in their own spheres.

    Plus, the carpooling and coming home at lunch everyday and seeing each other at work meant they really spent very little time away from each other. It worked for them, but I think they would have had more opportunities had each found their own hospitals to work in.
  6. I work with my DH and I lOve IT!!!!! we own our own business so maybe its different but I LOve being with him! we've been doing this for about 6 years now:love:
  7. My DH and I met through work, but the company is pretty big, so we didn't have any trouble getting space when we needed it.

    Good luck!
  8. DH & I work together at a business he started 35 years ago. We love each others company, each have a job to do, & stay out of each others duties. Although now my DH has more trust in my abilities he had given me the title of producer, I will be handling my own projects. The only time we've felt we are having too much time together is when we take a months vacation. Then I think the stress from the long flights take over.
  9. i would never be able to do it because my bf runs his own business and i'm an executive at Macy's and i know that if we were to work together, we'd butt heads because we would both be a lil too dominating

  10. Nope, we'd just be peers in the consulting world. Because it's a consulting firm, we'd actually be at other sites a lot of the time, so it wouldn't be a normal 9-5 office interaction type of deal. The only thing we are afraid of is that if we want to take vacation, we'd both have to ask for the exact days off...:rolleyes:
  11. Well....don't mention to this company that you 2 are getting married. Some companies have policies against this. I met my s.o. over 10 years ago when we worked at the same was a hot and steamy affair..sneaking off, etc. But I am so glad he went elsewhere about a year or so later because some people like to cause drama. You both can always try it!
  12. I think if i was in the office all day with my so it'd be irritating after a while. It is nice to have an escape. However, it sounds like you wont be in teh traditional office setting so maybe that is better and can work out well. So they don't know that you two are connected in any way? I could see that definitely being awkward when you're planning a honeymoon and are both away or just other vacations, like you've mentioned. In my office there's a limit to how many of us can be out at the same time, so that would be horrible if your requests got denied!
  13. ITA!! :yes:
  14. I met my BF at work and have worked with him for a long time we have never had any problems (infact we've been together 6 years and NEVER had an arguement) but people at work did make a bit of an issue about it. It's not it was against policy or anything I guess they just didn't like it
  15. I met my bf at work at a retail store 7 years ago. He was one of my bosses:shame:
    If you work well together, I say go for it. The only thing I would think about is, how will it work if you were to get a promotion & he didn't or vice versa? Would you both be okay with one of you being the boss of the other, if that happened? Guys tend to get more upset over that type of situation, but it would be the one thing that I would want to talk about before doing it.

    Congrats to you both on getting the offers!