Thoughts on Why the BE Forum is So Quiet Now?

  1. Thanks Moonfancy! I got the very last stock bag so the fuchsia lining with silver hardware. The bag is just gorgeous. I cannot think of a different lining color than fuchsia. The warm grey with fuchsia is simply perfect. :smile:
  2. I wish I'd had enough sense to get my gray snake London while it was still in stock. But, no, I wait until the stocks are all gone so I can pay more for the same bag. This is not the first time I have done this. I must really like to pay extra in bespokes. I agree the fuchsia is lovely with the gray. I've seen pix. Junie's fuchsia actually looks great in every bag she sells. It was a great decision on her part to use it as BE signature color. I didn't even LIKE the color until I saw it in her pocketbooks.

  3. Moon I am the same way my problem is that I cannot decide quickly enough. It takes me quite a long time to make a decision by the time I do the stock bag has already gone especially now that they do not keep very many stock bags.