Thoughts on Why the BE Forum is So Quiet Now?

  1. Hi ladies... I thought I hadn't posted here for about 18 months, but I checked and it's more like 3 years! I do check back here every few months or so, generally if BE has a sale here it reminds me of this forum. It's great to see some old friends still active here, but I thought I would chip in to the conversation for my reasons for being absent...

    - Firstly I had a baby boy in May last year, and as many of you know that changes the free time you have available to do such indulgent things - you know...talking to women about handbags.
    - Secondly I returned to work earlier this year to a bigger role, which has been extremely time sapping too. So these are the practical time reasons..

    Consequently I think I just got out of the habit of getting involved in conversations on here.

    I think it's also because I hadn't really loved any of the new designs that BE has brought out recently so I have dabbled in a few other makes of bags, some whose workmanship has impressed, and others not - (although I am considering the LA Tote - can anyone recommend the style?) - I guess there's a part of me that's nostalgic for the older designs/leathers. Maybe it's a design lull? I don't know if that resonates or if there is such a thing...
  2. Tarantino - so good to see you here, it has been years! I agree with your point on design lull. I also think it is natural for a brand to "blow up" on the forum and be THE thing and then have that die off a bit.

    I have the LA Tote in cafe latte pebbled leather. I won't say it is my absolute favourite style, that is still reserved for the TMA, the Love Me Midi, the Hug Me and the Enchant Me but it holds everything I carry on a daily basis and has very handy exterior pockets. It looks good carried in the hand, the elbow and over the shoulder (and the straps are adjustable) but it isn't the best carried crossbody.
  3. I also meant to add - congratulations on your little boy! I'm with you on loving the old styles and leathers (I'm not that into chevre) although I do have a few of the new designs.
  4. Thanks VanBod and for your thoughts on the LA Tote...I think with the economy the way it is and the number of bags I have I am going to hang back, even though it's a good deal in the sale...
  5. Hi Tarantino!

    I hear you on keeping busy with work and kids. I dropped off for quite awhile and only recently came back to TPF and this SF. I also tend to prefer some of the older styles--I'd say the Tote Me Midi and the London Tote Midi are two newer favorites.

    I also think that when there is a lull in new styles or stock, the conversations seem to drop off. I'm hoping that some new styles and new offerings will help spark the conversations again.

    I have come to appreciate my BE bags even more over the last couple of years. I've tried a few other brands but BE still remains a top favorite for me.
  6. I am quite surprised at how quiet it is around here. But that's to be expected I guess. But it sure was HOT for awhile! Although these days when I've been coming on, I've seen "24 members" reading the threads and that's a lot. I think there are a lot of lurkers.
    For we "old timers" -- BE is now an established brand...and we know the rhythm of the new product introductions, and the sales. I'm looking forward to seeing the Spring 2012 leathers. Styles always evolve -- and the designs will change. But that's what is so good about couture, you can always bespoke it and get exactly what you want.

    By the way, are there any new retailers who are carrying BE that I don't know about?
  7. Hi TropicalGal--I don't think that BE is currently carried in any stores but I could be wrong about that. I think that more people are doing bespoke bags but I hope in the future there will be more stock options. I'm sure it's hard to know which styles people will love most but, I for one, would welcome seeing some old favorites return.;)
  8. I definitely agree with you in hoping for more stock bags and a return or old favorites in some updated leathers.
  9. Tarantino!

    It is SO good to see lots of members coming back! Life does get busy and sometimes a handbag just is not the most important thing...but it is a nice distraction at times too...

    Just wanted to say it was nice to see you...and everyone else coming back!
  10. TG it is so nice having you back here it seems to have brought some more postings in this forum which I am really enjoying. It has some life again it was so quiet around here for such a long time with very few posting. Welcome back and thanks for creating some chatter and interest again on the BE forum. It is kind of fun being able to see all the talk and interest going on around some of the new bags and leathers.
  11. ^^^^^Awwwww are so sweet! I think it goes in waves. When the new collections are introduced...when there's a sale....when someone buys a bag...when a newbie wants info.... I don't know what happened to suddenly start looking at BE again...and then to seek info from you ladies who have been here, so that you could orient me properly about leathers and styles.
  12. Yeah, let's get the forum going again!
  13. All right, where are all y'all hiding? Come out into the sunshine, and let's talk pocketbooks, Echandia Ladies!
  14. I moved away from BE for sometime (about 2.5 yrs) but now I want to be "back"! Just received the grey snake print London Tote midi which I love and love!!! Hope to see more activities on this Forum!:yahoo:
  15. Hi, jH! You're back! I can't wait to get my gray snake London! What color lining and hardware does yours have? I'm still trying to decide on a lining color for mine. What other BE bags do you have? Welcome Back!!