Thoughts on Why the BE Forum is So Quiet Now?

  1. I do hope we can all feel comfortable to have open conversations here, so thank you, Bonnie, for validating that yes, there are some issues at times and this entire experience isn't all sunshine and rainbows. This thread is an open discussion of all things--positive and negative--without any piling on one way or another. I was just wondering what had happened over time to this SF and wanted to get a conversation started again.

    I know i haven't contributed as much lately and i see many other people here that I miss hearing from. I hope we keep adding to this thread and the discussion at large.
  2. I'm sorry too, Z, for your experience but hope you'll stay and chat with us. I've been quiet because the drama just got to be too much for me. I love my BE bags and want to enjoy them in peace. Luxury should be fun and not filled with unpleasant memories.

    I have a few more bags in BEC that I plan on completing over the winter and then I'll have to stick with pre-loved bags after that. Most of my bags are part of the mark down leathers (matte, sheen or glossy) so I feel were a 'bargain' but a couple are splurges which will keep me from buying for a while. I need to sell bags in order to fund new ones and with resale being what it is it's just not working in my favor! LOL! With prices going up after August 1, I had to decide for myself that if I wanted the same handcrafted quality that I love about BE, I'll have to purchase less and purchase used.

    I also wish that some of the old leathers we loved were available like the mattes that are slowly running out. Chevre is pretty but it's just really out of my price range so I'll be lucky to own more than the 2 I'm splurging on. I also liked when we had a look book and the 10% pre-order discount. That made dreaming and planning ahead a lot of fun!

    I still love chatting with my BE friends and seeing their beautiful bags though and I plan on revealing my bags as they arrive. I just have to watch that I not be tempted by every bag that I see! ;) I love my BEs and plan on enjoying them for a very long time!
  3. It's very nice see the old familiar "faces" here!!

    I've been making do with pre-loved bags this past year. BEC's are getting a tad out of my comfort zone price wise, especially when you consider the going resale value, and when I hear about some of the experiences happening to others it does make me shy away a bit from purchasing new.
  4. I have a black glossy bubble chevre LA tote, which I absolutely love.
  5. Tloveshim--do you know which matte leathers are running low? Is dark grey matte in danger?

    Seriously, dark grey and choco matte are my two favorites. Those and the crash leathers are amazing, although I now need to add the anthracite crackle to the list. Love that one, too.

    I'm also at the same point as you are in terms of selling and buying. I've sold all the bags I didn't love as much and am now at a point where I really love everything I have. I just need to be more careful in any choices.

    And Z--definitely stay and chat with us!
  6. seems like BE has said they are moving away from all mattes, glossy leathers, and metallics...the Madrid Gold bespoke is the last of the mottled gold...the pewter is gone...anybody correct me if I am wrong, but it seems some of the leathers we love will no longer be offered, at least not right now...
  7. TejasMama..the mattes are soon completely gone..and this well as the glossies and the pebbled. They will simply not be produced anymore according to BE.
    The sheens might be able to make a come back in a group-bespoke, because one hide will do around 3 bags, but as far as I am informed BE won't keep these in stock any more. The Gold and Pewter is gone for now..also because BE needs to purchase a lot of these in one time..and just for one bag, I can't imagine they will do this ;) So..if there is a metallic you fancy, and which is available..why don't you just BEC a have 6 mths to purchase it finally, and there might come another new model you like, so you can change the leather into this?..on the other hand a new model you like might not turn up..LOL!
  8. Thanks Ode and Bonnie for this update! I do have my dark grey LM Midi that I love--it is one of my most favorite leathers. Part of me would really love to have another bag in this leather, although I'm not sure which one yet. I'll have to think about this. Thank you!

  9. Choco matte is hands down my absolute fav BE leather (of those I've seen/touched irl of course). And I'm not even a total brown gal. But something about that texture and color and carry of it makes me swoon a little.:cloud9:
  10. Jen--which choco matte bag do you have? I have a choco matte Hold Me with the crossbody strap option and that leather is to die for! I haven't seen it as an option on BEC so I'm guessing that it isn't available anymore.
  11. :ninja:biggrin:id someone mention that their favourite bag was an LM Midi in Dark Grey? I totally love my LM Midi in Dark Grey :hbeat:. That bag's the business...
  12. CB! You love of your dark grey matte LM is legendary! :smile:
  13. I have never tried a LM Midi. Kinda hard to believe. But, I would love to get my hands on a grey glossy leather someday. Missed that and have always wanted it.
  14. I have a couple more favorites, but I agree with you about the choc matte - the older, thicker choc matte. I had a choc matte LM midi and the leather was very thin and not very even. I sold it and got an older LM with the thicker leather and have been in love with it ever since.
  15. I had a preloved choc matte tme. I loved that bag, but after I stopped carrying so much for my boys, I just didn't need the space:sad:. So, it is off to a new home. I just couldn't rationalize keeping a bag that I only wanted to stare at and pet;) . But it isn't available anymore. I just keep my eyes on eBay and bonanza and hope a choco matte something will pop up.