Thoughts on Vernis line....

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  1. I really want to get a Vernis Houston. I ask my bf what he thinks of it. He said patent leather looks like cheap plastic. After I hear what he said, I hesitate on getting the bag. I can't believe my decision on getting a houston was affected by him! What do you think of the vernis line? I am not too worry about color transfer as I want the pink color. Any comments?
  2. I love the Vernis houston!
    I hope to get one in framboise or the bronze!
    Oh and if you really like it... I'd say get it!!!
  3. If you get a light pink one, I would worry about color transfer. The darker pinks like fuchsia and framboise, have less change of that.
  4. Then ask him to find you a cheap plastic bag that looks as gorgeous as Vernis!

    I LOVE VERNIS :hysteric:
  5. LOL...I think I will do that! He also thinks that the bright pink color looks like Barbie's bag. (Too girlie)
  6. come on, what's wrong with being girlie?

    If you like it, get it!
  7. I am beginning to like the vernis line. I would be worried about color transfer, but I am waiting for the candy apple red to be introduced in the next few months.
  8. I only have one piece in the vernis which is my framboise agenda but I totally love it!
  9. i love vernis line..don't think it look cheap at all
  10. I like it. It has a bit more flash than other lines.
  11. I love vernis line..:love: :love:
  12. I prefer the vernis in more subdued colors (noisette, indigo, beige, etc) to the brighter colors, which can look cheap.
  13. buy what you love....
  14. The vernis line is nice, not my fav, but nice.
  15. I think it is beautiful!