Thoughts On Veau Naturelle?

  1. Was looking at the leather book this weekend, for the first time :nuts:, and liked this leather, and color, although i always considered myself diehard for orange, maybe i could consider a neutral too ( i cannot for the life of me remember the name of the color, because i was just so excited, but it was a camel-like color, maybe a few shades lighter than gold, and a tiny bit more yellow to it -- anyone have a guess??? i almost want to say natural, but i think i'm confusing it with the leather) . . . . anyway, would love to have thoughts on this leather in terms of durability, and also how it will affect the slouch of a 35 birkin. .i should mention that i do not like stiff bags, and would like mine to slouch somewhat (I like the look of togo for instance) ..would this be a good leather for my preference? as for durability, anyone know how tough this one is? also, in such a light color, should i fear dirt and discoloration from grease on my hands, etc (i do not want to have to worry constantly about the bag, and would like something pretty tough). . also, is there something called Vache Naturelle as well? Or am I imagining things .. . .
  2. Uhm, I think you're referring to vache natural. The color is called natural sable. Vache natural is a rigid leather, which may soften, but should not slouch. This is a leather that will develop a patina and darken from contact with the natural oils in your hands.
  3. Maybe Caramel would be a good color? Vache natural is really pretty but I would be constaantly worried about it. :flowers:
  4. Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful leather. I'm a smooth leather kind of girl, so this leather really appeals to me.
  5. I love these natural leathers...I saw a barenia agenda on Saturday that was over 10 years old....THE PATINA!!!! OHHHHHH, I just love it.....the markings and darkening don't bother me at all......I'd love a bag in natural chamonix (not the same thing, I know, but similar colour).
  6. Sounds really nice. ^^^^These ladies can help!
  7. Those two look remarkably alike. Natural chamonix should not darken though.

    K, you're starting to sound like me when it comes to patina. That's why those scratches and dark spots never bother me, they all come together in the future to develop into that mirror like finish.
  8. thanks hg, no wonder i was confused. ..i should really write it all down, cause i haven't mastered remembering it yet (you're quite impressive btw), and i get so distracted by all the beautiful leathers. .. .but i'm a bit confused by the fact that you say it is a rigid leather. .because the sample seemed quite soft, supple and flexible, and was not totally smooth either. . .perhaps i've got the whole thing wrong?? :confused1:.. .in any event, it seems like a leather and a color that would need constant babying to keep it clean, which i'm not sure i'm willing to do . ..i am always drawn to these camel colors in soft leather, and then i hate it when they get dirty. . . :Push: however, after holding up an orange birkin next to my black outfit this weekend, and thinking to myself "Happy Halloween", I am totally rethinking my choice of orange. . .love it, but I'm a New Yorker, and I wear too much black all the time!. . .hmm, so now i'm not sure about the best color/leather combo for me . . .
  9. Vache natural is definitely smooth. Did the swatch you see have a grain?

    BTW, I'm a New Yorker as well. Give me black anytime!!!

  10. yes! isn't it divine!! I saw a Trim in natural barenia (full barenia) on Saturday.........:drool:

  11. yes, it had a "light" grain . .i'm not sure if this is proper terminology, i'm still learning all this. . .the grain was far less distinct than togo, for instance, and much much "flatter", but still there. ., i really need to work on this. . i think i was really distracted by finding the scarf i had been seeking . ..
  12. Trim I or Trim II? OMG, talk about eye candy!!!! What a treat.
  13. Trim I...ohh, the smell when he opened that box.......I took a bif whiff, lemme tell ya.....
  14. I also love the natural leathers! Barenia is a dream!
    Anyway, it could have been Caramel chevre, which is floating around now. There was a Bolide at my Hermes...
    Shopmom has a pic of her caramel Chevre Kelly in the ref. thread. Check it out and see if it looks familiar.
  15. Now this is a bit of a mystery. Not fjord, clemence? Vache liegee?