Thoughts on using Neverfull GM as a gym bag? r.o

  1. I don't want to be totally unpractical but I am looking for a nice, casual bag that can hold some makeup, shoes, t-shirt, etc. so I can take it to the gym. I was thinking the Neverfull GM would fit the bill since it seems lightweight, large in size, etc. Thoughts and/or other ideas?? Please be kind....I know that I may seem ridiculous but I am serious. I need pretty things to motivate me;)
  2. Neverfull GM is a good bag to use at the gym. I take mine everywhere Walmart, my kids swim lessons, parks, etc. It's lightweight, low maintenance, casual looking, and the perfect size that doesn't scream Hello, LV Here! I also use it as a diaper bag. Hope this helps!;)
  3. I think Neverfull GM is quite a good gym bag. Why would you say that it is ridiculous, are you afraid of things spilling out? Sometimes people use the keepall if that is the problem.
  4. Thank you!! I was just afraid it would appear....indulgent!
  5. You say 'indulgent' like it's a bad word, lol :smile: JK. I think the Neverfull GM is a good sized gym bag, and convenient too since you can carry it on yor shoulder, cheaper than a keepall with longstrap too I think?
  6. LOL! I just "indulged" in a very upscale health spa/gym so I think an equally fabulous bag is in order. Glad to hear my impression of the neverfull is correct. Thanks;);)
  7. Nah, I think it'd be fitting. :yes:
  8. Thanks everyone...I made the leap!! The Neverfull GM is on its way to me within the next 2-3 days. I am so excited. I can't believe it was cheaper than my LV zippy organizer/wallet!
  9. It would also make a great yoga bag!
  10. I see woman in exercise classes carrying all sorts of designer bags...lots of Gucci's. So don't feel weird.
  11. Definitely fitting! It is a great size and besides it is a cool bag :biggrin: Congrats on getting your neverfull btw
  12. thank you:happydance:
  13. Then it's not indulgent to use the neverfull gm....the place you're at is very upscale, I'm sure you'll see lots of ladies w/ designer bags as well.:yes:
  14. I think there are better bags, the size is ok, but I would definetly bring a bag I could close to the gym.. :smile:
  15. i think it will be great for the gym congrats on it by the way i love that bag!