Thoughts on Trevi

  1. Hi All! I'm a LV junkie and new to tPf -- it's fantastic to see so many other LV fans!

    I went into the Seattle boutique yesterday and saw the Trevi PM for the first time -- LOVE! I'm wondering about the versatility of this bag...I want to carry it daily, regardless of what I'm wearing. Do you think it's appropriate with super casual (ie going to the gym, driving the kids' carpools) as well as dressier (date night, office meetings) clothes?

    I have an Hermes Kelly bag that I've never carried because I think it's too dressy for my lifestyle. This makes my DH very, very sad because the bag was soo expensive.

    I know there aren't any "rules" about which bag to carry, I just want to make sure this gorgeous bag gets the use it deserves, and my lifestyle is suburban-casual, so let me know what your opinions are -- THANKS!

  2. I think the Kelly is fab and should be used! But I think you need the Trevi as well!
  3. I think trevi is a practical bag for everywhere and suitable with anything you will wear.
  4. I love the trevi bag.
  5. That's what I love about this bag. It can be dressy or super casual with a pair of jeans. I also live the suburban casual lifestyle most of the time and I am getting this bag. It's a must have!! This is the first damier bag that I have ever been this excited about.
  6. Agree!
  7. I love the Trevi...IMO Damier goes with everything, as long as you're not dress like a slob (PJ pants and baggy T-shirt...which, IMO, is not an outfit appropriate for going in public) then you should be fine!! Good luck with your decision!
  8. :yes: That's what I love about Damier too, it can be dressy or casual. I think the Trevi would look great both ways! :tup:
  9. I love the Trevi, it is such an updated look for Damier. I think it would go with anything.
  10. The Trevi is such causual, yet dressy look for a bag. IMO, it goes with everything. It is definitely a MUST have.
  11. It seems really versatile and practical, designed with different ways to carry.
    You can't go wrong, as long as you like damier dark pattern.
  12. The Trevi's so stylish... Love it!
  13. the trevi is cute, it really kicks up the damier.
  14. Thanks so much everybody! I love Daimer because it always looks so polished and pretty, and the logo isn't so obvious.

    I think the Trevi will look super cute with my daily uniform of jeans, fitted jacket and flats -- I really appreciate all of your helpful comments; I feel enabled now and I will be brining Trevi home soon!!!!!!!

  15. It is a great bag! Carry it anywhere with anything!