Thoughts on Trendy CC WOC in lamb?

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  1. #1 May 22, 2016
    Last edited: May 22, 2016
    So I just purchased a Medium Deauville denim tote this week (for casual practicality and I live in sunny FL) and then came across this beauty at my local store. There are only two left at the store and theres a waiting list at other stores. Should I swap out my tote for this? I already own a classic quilted Caviar WOC with ghw and I wanted a WOC in lamb but not sure how the supple lamb will hold up? Plus I have kids so I'm also trying to think practical but this new WOC is just stunning 😁Should I exchange or stick with the tote ? It's a $400 difference
  2. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463922736.135755.jpg

    It's a little blurry but it's black soft lamb with gold hw
  3. I think this woc is gorgeous! Denim and chanel never quite worked for me so i wld get this instead:smile: is the width thicker than the regular woc?

  4. Hi Shan29 it's the same size interior as my classic quilted woc the outside width is a tiny bit wider so I'm just thinking functionality and lifestyle practicality but it is lovely.
  5. That is definitely a tough one. I like the WOC a lot, but if the tote serves a functional need for your lifestyle then it's a good purchase too. Ugh, decisions!

  6. Understand..but chanel doesnt make one rational haha! Hav to say, i really like the woc thogh!
  7. I bought the Deauville Tote from Cruise 16 which is stain resistant (Don't know if this is the one you have) and it's a perfect beach tote especially since you have kids and I think makes a nice addition since you already have a WOC so I'd keep it :smile:
  8. Depends on what you need/are going to use. I love WOCs and the trendy CC has a working closure, something WOCs don't usually have so I was super excited to see this! I picked up the black one already and I'm waiting to get the tan one too.
  9. keep the tote. it's a great look, and practical.
  10. Thanks. You're right! It's a tough one for sure! The only thing I can't get used to with the tote is the large logo and name but it's so much more lightweight than leather. I just love WOCs it enhances outfits so much! This particularly style the chain length is super long so I will have to tie or figure out something to shorten it also being that I'm petite at 5'0". Decisions! Decisions!🙃
  11. It's a hard decision but base upon your functionality I say to keep the tote since you have a WOC already in your collection!
  12. Completely different bags. I think you should go with the most useful bag for your lifestyle.

  13. Thanks for your help! Yes that's the one and I'm thinking to keep it but I've never bought a fabric bag and my SA was sure to note that chanel doesn't do any repairs on them. :/ it's a fun piece though ...congrats on yours :smile:
  14. Love this woc!!! Do you know what the style code is for it? and does it come in other colors or hardware?

  15. I don't know the style code but the department stores and boutiques all received it. I know the boutiques here in Florida have Red and also Black both with ghw and the department stores got Camel and also Black. It's beautiful but the same size as the classic WOC inside and same super long chain length (for petite gals like me) :smile: good luck!