Thoughts on trades?

  1. I have a bag listed now and someone has offered to trade me for another bag. She has 199 feedback but the last three are all negative- for nonreceipt. Is there a safe way to go about doing this? I am leaning towards no but I think I might be better able to sell the traded bag than the one I have listed and could really use the funds...has anyone done a trade and how did you stay safe?
  2. I wouldn't risk it since you say they have recent negs on their fb. It would be different if I knew the person.
  3. I have never done one but to be safe I might set it up as a mutual sale, so that there are records on eBay, paypal, etc. that offer at least some protection (theoretically).
  4. I'd be cautious too, and as people on here know, I am absurdly innocent and suggestible when it comes to eBay (although learning fast!). . .I think a mutual sale option as citychris suggests would achieve the same ends but more securely wouldn't it?
  5. I don't have problems trading with other PFers, though.
  6. ^^ no, that wouldn't be difficult for me either - but this place is so much nicer than so many places both in the real and virtual worlds!
  7. A bag to bag trade outside of the ususal eBay procedure can be a nightmare for you...what happens it she ships you a fake? Then you are stuck...I would just sell your bag and then ask her to post hers with a buy it now option. If she is not willing to do this I would be very skepticcal.
  8. i would never trade. you have no idea that the bag you're getting is real or that you're not going to get the ole switcheroo. you are very nice and i'm guessing very honest and you never know that the other person isn't. someone once offered to trade me a dvf dress for another one. no thanks. you can buy mine and if i like yours i'll buy yours. but otherwise, no. too risky.
  9. oops kal said the same thing! lol
  10. I can see where it would be tempting, but too risky.
  11. Don't do the trade. Just sell your bag in the normal way.

    Because there are some strange buyers out there, it's hard for anyone to maintain perfect 100% feedback, but three in a row for non-receipt is a bad trend - to be avoided.