Thoughts on Tom Ford Black Orchid?

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  1. So what are your thoughts on Tom Ford Black Orchid?

    I've tried it a few times and I can't decide if I like it. :s Sometimes I think is smells really good - different and exotic. And other times it seems too strong and I'm not so fond of if. Just wondering what other's opinions are...
  2. aT
  3. Oppies didnt quite finish my post there.
    But moving on, oringinally when i first smelt it, I thought it was very strong and was a scent for a much older crowd but the smelll grew on me and I'm starting to really like it. I think I'll probably end up getting it for my mother and use her's occasionally :shame:
  4. That's kind of what I'm thinking too :smile:
  5. I didn't care for it--it's too intense, smoky and a bit manly for me...
  6. I love the top and middle notes. They're very unique and make a strong statement!

    I'm not sure about the dry-down and that's why I haven't bought a bottle.

    I find the dry-down to be a bit ordinary, not what I would expect from Tom Ford. I wish the top and middle notes would stay longer because they're special. The base notes are vanilla, woods and patchouli. It's somewhat of a disappoint. Good but not great.
  7. I liked it.
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