Thoughts on Toki dress?

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  1. Not sure how many of you saw the Toki dress on Giant Peach but I LOVE it. I was going to orrder it but was wondering what others thought of it and if anyone thought that the dress may fit small as the shirts do?

    thanks in advance

  2. i like the dress, personally. i would just have to see how it fits first... paired with leggings and my BV and im set. haha. ive been meaning to call metropark in buffalo, ny to see if they have any in yet, so i can drive out there to see how it fits. heh. along with setting out to buy/pick my own placement on a denaro. but other than that, the dress looks cute, just simple and cute.
  3. It's cute, but very plain for toki.
    I'd buy it on sale. :lol:
  4. agreed :smile: but sometimes plain is nice... I want to see how it fits first tho also. It's better than the summer one tho imo
  5. ^^ Plain is nice, but if you're paying Toki-price for it, then it's not really worth it. Dresses like the black one that are a dime a dozen.
  6. dress is cute, but little to plain for me...
  7. It's pretty. We always need to have some simple pieces in our wardrobes right? :yes:
  8. I have no opinion ... I don't wear dresses unless I'm going to a wedding or something :lol:
  9. Tahnks everyone. I work in a fairly conservative office and would love to sport any of my toki gear but t-shirts and hoodies don't always work for the office.

    But this dress with some funky heels, colorful tights would show my toki love and at the same time be work appropriate.
    i wish a store around me carried it so I could try it on in person. I would ahte to order and then return. maybe i will orer a medium...

    ooo! I could ask for it for christmas!

  10. I bought the dress at a store locally. I wear a small in the shirts and hoodies, and I fit a small dress, so I would say the sizing is consistant.

    I will say the dress doesn't photograph well and didn't look as I thought it would in person. It's not fitted, as it would appear in the pictures online; it's a bit more loose/smock-like. That being said, I liked it anyway. It is a little plain, but I bought it for work. It would look great with tights or leggings and boots (ankle or knee-high).

    I am considering having it taken in a little bit to give it more of a fitted look, but it looked good on me as it was. (Also, it was only like $55, so I figured why not?)
  11. >.> imo this and the button up patchy shirts are too simple for their price. x_X its like they took an ordinary dress/shirt and stuck two patches on there and charge you 65 bucks :x i dont know that just my opinion
  12. When I originally saw the button-up shirt(s) online they were like $75, which I agree is too much for a button-up shirt. I managed to score mine for $40 at SDCC, though, so I was lucky. And the store that I bought the dress at was selling it for less than I'd seen online as well.
  13. yeah they really did just stick two patches on it and raised the price o.o;; think about how much the patches themselves would be if they were sold individually xDD
  14. ^^I know! I've wondered why they stick patches on everything, and it's so expensive, but then they don't sell patches.. those darn expensive patches.
  15. I think the dress is really cute... toki or not, I just like the style and color. :smile: And I'm usually not even a dress person.