Thoughts on Timeless Clutch - Practical?

  1. Hi Ladies :tender:

    Do you guys use your clutches? I'm still debating if I should get one because I'm not sure if it's a practical bag. I'm clumsy so I'm worried I might lose it or someone might snatch it and run off with it.
  2. I have used mine twice. The first time was at a dinner party where there was no risk of stealing and the second time at a restaurant and I kept it on a chair next to me.

    If you like clubbing etc , I wouldn't reccomend it . Other than that , iti is really great for occasions and going out. I would never buy a white one!
  3. Its good for dressy or formal occasions so that depends on how often you attend functions or fancy dinners but that being said, it looks so FABULOUS when you do use it, that its worth it just to have sitting in the closet waiting for the opportunity to be used! I hope I make sense lol.
  4. I love clutches. It's not unusual to see me with them during the day, too, because I like the luxe feel of them in my hand, with a crisp white shirt and great jeans!

    That said, they "sit" where you put them down, so white is difficult, wise words. You have to stay very mindful of them in any regard. I get myself in the "something is always in my hand, or something is wrong" mentality, and I don't put them down, they go under my arm unless I'm paying at a cash register.

    Only you can make the clutch call... if you aren't used to it, you may want to cut your teeth on something cute but inexpensive like Hobo International (at Nordies) with a soft, pretty leather to get you started.

    Good luck!
  5. I wouldn't personally have enough occasions to use it, but it is very pretty.
  6. I have both the black and white caviar timeless clutch. The bag itself is very practical for alittle bag-it holds alot. I am a fan.
  7. I usually don't do clutches but the timeless clutch is so beautiful and practical. It hold a lot and if you get it in caviar it can be use in the daytime. I used my white clutch to lunch and dinner a few times and is holding up well. You can also keep it in a bigger bag and take it out when you don't want to carry a big bag.
  8. I don't have enough occasions to use it either..but the clutch is so darn cute....i want a white one but i already have an east west bag in much thinking but so little time because if i do get one...i want to get one before the new price increase
  9. I HAD to have one but haven't used it yet.
  10. I have a black caviar timeless clutch, and I love it! :heart: It holds more than my medium flaps (it's deceptively roomy!), and looks fabulous with the right outfit. That being said, I've only used mine once so far, but I love the look and style of it so much that I had to have it (plus I like having it as a bag option)! :p I wouldn't use it out at a club, for example, but it's great to use for dinners, nice lunches, parties, or whatever! :tup: If you're used to carry flaps, or bags with straps in general (which I am), it takes a bit of getting used to, but it's worth it IMO, because it looks so chic! :girlsigh:
  11. its not practical. but its so hard to resist. because its too beautiful irl!!
  12. Mine is very practical. I use it all the time.
  13. I have one in black lambskin and I want one i white caviar for summer. It holds alot and as everybody says. Is darn cute and looks great
  14. I'm afraid this would be the case with me as well. I was tempting to just get a little something a few months ago and I thought maybe a wallet... but for a couple hundred more, I could have the timeless clutch (back in the good old days when Chanel was cheaper).

    If the OP is looking for a small evening bag, I would get a e/w bag. It can double as a clutch but also has a shoulder strap, making it much more versatile.
  15. I have both the black lambskin and white caviar. The clutch is MUCH more roomy that you would think. I can fit a ton of stuff in there. It's really versatile, too - can be used for day and night. The white one is more casual and I don't wear it as often since it's a bright white. The caviar is pretty durable and doesn't scratch or get scuffed as easily. You just have to watch where to put it down or keep it tucked under your arm if you are afraid of someone running off with it.