thoughts on this?

  1. I saw this in macys today and was thinking how I could spend some store credit.. 92058_SVSV_d2.jpg
  2. It's cute! I like it. But I need another key-ring like a "moose needs a hat rack" to quote my Mom. LOL.
  3. I like it.
  4. ^^ agree, keep the store credit for something else :nuts:
  5. ^^LOL I just got it as a gift! How great is that!
  6. Congrats!! I love that key ring. I think it's adorable!
  7. save the store credit for the upcoming bags that will be released.
  8. YOu know...I bought the pave COACH key ring at the factory store...and by the time I got it home, a crystal had already fell out! (oh yeah - it's being returned).

    I've heard of other people having that issue...the crystals falling out...hope you don't!

    Cute key fob though! not only am I a coach wh*re...I'm also a flip flop wh*re! hehehe
  9. I have that on my wish list! I'm hoping Santa is bringing it..
  10. Congrats!! Atleast you got it & you got to keep your store credit.
  11. And as a gift, it is SOOOOOO much cuter!!:graucho:
  12. Very CUTE!!
  13. gifts make most things better...congrats, its very cute
  14. Cute!!! Next best thing after handbags...SHOES!!!
  15. Congrats it's so cute!