thoughts on this..

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  1. i think its cute but i prefer flap bags for school with the inside zipper!
  2. You can do better I think. It's cute but doesn't look like it cost more than a hundred bucks.
  3. Hi aarti, I think you can anticipate what I am going to say :smile: Etsy: please look at this messenger by marieornelasstudio.


    Measurements are about the same as the Paul Smith bag:
    It is lined with a heavy duty black canvas, with pink arvika fabric that is white with pink designs. It measures approximately 9" high, 13" wide, and has a base of 4 1/2 inches. It closes with a ribbon tie and has straps approximately 38" from end to end

    She also says: "Check out my fabric selections at marie ornelas studio: custom handbags and accessories. These are only a few options that I have to offer. I can also send you a few websites with endless fabric choices that I can special order."

    She will also customise messengers but that will take up to over 3 weeks.

    Etsy :: SALE--Manhattan Messenger Bag
    Sale: $38 plus shipping



    as an example
    $60 plus shipping
  4. How about spending $35 to try this out?

    Excellent Etsy artist BlossomArts



    Etsy :: Messenger Bag - Etsy Survey Bag - Shades of Blue

    I took a survey of Etsy users to determine what features were most important to them when choosing a handbag. I think this purse fulfills the majority of requirements!
    * Security and current style. A top flap secured by a magnetic clasp. Your stuff won't spill or be lifted!
    * Functional Size - Just right proportions. This bag is 13 inches wide, 9 inches tall and 3 inches deep. Carry magazines and books, but still looks trim and slim.
    * Great colors/cute exterior: This bag would look great with jeans and khakis. Also has a touch of spring green. Front and back featured a textured striped weave. Side gussets are a faded blue jean denim
    * Adjustable strap made of tough khaki nylon weave strapping with a double D-ring slide and a loop to hold the ends. Adjusts from under the arm to across the chest messanger bag style length.
    * Functional/fun interior - Fully lined with re-purposed denim. 2 side pockets to store smaller items made from the rear pockets of a pair of jeans.
    *Quality - interfaced with fleece interfacing, double or triple stitched at stress points. Thick and substantial - will stand on its own.
  5. Yes, ITA. Its a cute bag, but there is no way I'd pay that kind of money for it.
  6. It's cuuuuuuuuuuute! But rather expensive...
  7. you're all right, thanks all!
  8. I agree. I'm so sorry, but it does nothing for me stlye-wise. :sad:
  9. ^^ Exactly! It's nothing special and way too expensive!:yes:
  10. ITA