Thoughts on this?

  1. I emailed someone selling a bag described as a 'rarely available, black 35 cm Hermes Birkin' asking why she was selling it so cheaply. I received this reply (with names/identifying features removed) -

    Please be advised ever bag selling on the internet is fake. If you want the real thing you go to Hermes and pay GBP4000, for a bag!!! What we have on the internet are exceptional great copies that even the staff in Hermes in Paris did not know the difference, as I tried it out there. Same good material used to make the real bags as it is for the fake. Same leather and palladium hardware, stainless steel key and lock all with Hermes lables and markings, like the makers stamp.
    Im being honest with you as someone else may not be.
    You can make me an offer if you are o.k with what i have said or go to Hermes and pay the price. (which I dont think is worth it because you can buy a house in Bulgaria for the same price as a hand bag!)
    Kind regards

    I am obviously not going to pursue the bags, but wondered what you guys thought of a) someone being 'honest' about fraud and dishonesty and b) her claims about the indetectable differences.
  2. hi miss sooky, do you know someone named chau?
  3. It's so much easier to comment on b) first, then I'll see if I can share my point of view on a)

    Hermes SAs are not trained to authenticate H bags. Most of them can't tell a fake and a genuine one apart. Only the craftsman can. Not to mention the Hermes powerhouses/Hermes experts here on tPF :P

    There can be even be very obvious tell-tale signs but the SAs miss them. So, is this a gauge of how good the fake bag is? You be your own judge, I think?

    As for question a) ..... This is tough. I have come across a particular ebayer that claims to be able to replicate any H bag you want, and in any combination. And this eBayer is from HK. I recently spotted a togo Paris Bombay in her listing. She does not claim her bags are authentic but she says you also only need to spend a fraction of the price of a real H bag and get away with it.

    It's unethical and against the law, to say the least. The seller is being honest that she is selling fakes. And it's up to anyone to decide whether to be part of a bad circle. These sellers will never stop if there are still demand from buyers. And being honest does not make this seller anymore "right".
  4. No, I don't think so, actually, scratch that, I know I don't! Why?
  6. i would not call this honesty if this relevant information is not posted in her ebay description, available to all who may consider bidding.
    as for her test with the SAs, that may have merely entailed walking in and waiting to see if they said anything. as it's against policy for them to do so, she make have left feeling that she passed this imagined, and one-sided test.
  7. Nothing, NOTHING can compare to the quality Hermes makes.
    Also, name me one other bagmaker that lets you take in your bag for refurbishment/reparation DECADES after you bought it. So much for the price question. An Hermes bag is an investment and if treated well does not diminish in value. Know any other bag like that? I don't think so.

    The 'shop assistant test' is such BS. Yes she may have walked into an H store and didn't get kicked out or her bag wasn't cut to pieces. So that means it's authentic? Get real.

    I'd rather live in a Birkin than in a house in Bulgaria (nothing against that country, it's lovely and in fact I have lived there. But not in a house made of Hermes leather;))
  8. Actually Coach does as well. (I used to work there):smile: ITA with everthing you and the other ladies have said. :flowers: Just because they didn't say anything to her, I'm sure they were talking about it when she left. :P My old SA said that the SF store has people who carry fakes come in all the time but of course they don't say anything to them. :lol:
  9. WOW, I find the whole internet thing so scary......
  10. I guess it is nice that they are being truthful that it IS fake....but it still is a fake,:sad:
    As some ladies above mentioned the SA 's in the store will not comment on a customer's bag when they come in as say..."oh take that fake outta here!":yucky: that is NOT passing a test:lol: ...I think you will ultimately feel better waiting and buying the real thing at the boutique.:yes:
  11. I'ld glad the seller is not making anything authentic claims because then the buyer is expecting the real deal ...and when they recieve it its not!
  13. You willl have to report this seller...except eBay may not do anything to stop her listings...there are people who want the H look but do not have deep pockets and they resort to fakes...not me to judge but personally I won't carry a fake or sell one. Period.
  14. I liked the way she put it, my feelings exactly.
  15. these counterfitters need REAL jobs. it's pretty pathetic. at least counterfit money if you're willing to go there! at least that's liquid!
    what everyone said about SA's is right. i would definetely ask her to elaborate on what "test" she passed with her bag, because im sure it wasn't more than walking in and walking out without anyone kicking her. maaaybe an SA showed her a cadena or something and didn't mention her bag was fake. pretend you're interested and ask her to elaborate. i'd be curious to find out how AWESOME her fakes are. haha